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brooding thoughts

14 Jun

Today was craptastic on a few levels. I felt like I disappointed someone very dear to me and then I felt belittled by another.

I suppose I shouldn’t “feel” so much and both of those problems would’ve been moot, but that’s rather alien-esque isn’t it? To not feel what you feel because you simply feel it. Good grief, someone must have spiked my drink.

I would say that I wasn’t myself but being spastic, moody, and dark is authentically me, as much as I hate to admit it.

How do you live in the moment and not in what you think the future might be? Doing that ruins the moment that you DO have in anticipation of a moment that you might NOT have.

I’m deep tonight y’all. Go to sleep.

this girl is me

14 Jun

one day i’m gonna look up at the pictures on my screen and walk out the door.

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