time spent

Today was pretty great. Hubs was off work too so we took the kiddo to school and spent the day together. We went to the gym and got our sweat on, then rode the motorcycle to a monstrously large parking lot so he could give me riding lessons without endangering others, next was vegetarian sushi for lunch, sweet cece’s for dessert, capped off with a luxurious two hour nap.

Tomorrow we have a babysitter for the entire day (!!!) and will attend a friend’s Hindu wedding at a beautiful temple and after-party that evening at a fancy hotel downtown. I’m pretty excited about it as these are dear friends and I love being exposed to cultures and traditions outside of my own.


  • taking kiddo to the most beautiful fireworks in the state
  • super short work week
  • volunteering with a local wildlife rehabilitation/education center
  • handing out food at a local charity for the homeless
  • kiddo’s birthday party
  • taking the Basic Rider Course in August to get my motorcycle license
  • prepping for kiddo’s entry into kindergarten
  • planning another trip
  • training for a fall 1/2 Marathon

Tired yet? Keep busy y’all.

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