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can i put “eats weird things” on my resume?

3 Jul

I’ve lost six pounds in the past few weeks. I’m calling that a win. The fact that its stress related and I haven’t been eating much is not exactly a win but whatever. And I just saw a tweet about Taco Bell so now I am DYING for Taco Bell. Luckily, it’s quite a jaunt to the nearest one and I’m broke anyway. Lean Cuisine it is.

And the above paragraph was written several hours ago and thankfully, my craving for bad “mexican” has abated. I had scrambled eggs and fig newtons for supper, thank you very much.

Some big upsets at the workplace today. Sequestration and our fearless leaders have caused quite a shake up at my place of employment. People are on edge and today’s announcement hit my department square in the gut. I am safe for now but only because I’m paid from a different bucket, which is not necessarily any more stable than the one my unfortunate colleague and her program were paid from. Perhaps now would be a good time to pursue that travel writing career, no?

I leave you with a picture of a guinea pig wearing a sombrero because, no reason.

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