so it goes on the 4th of July

fireworks-wallpaper-for-desktopIt rained today. I don’t mean it rained for an hour or two, it rained ALL dang day. We didn’t really have solid plans for the 4th anyway but if we had planned on outdoor activities, they weren’t happening.

So we ventured to a lazy late breakfast at one of my favorite places that tries a little too hard to be reminiscent of Paris in that annoyingly cheesy and inauthentic way that Americans can possess. But maybe that’s why I like it so much, because it tries really hard.

I spent two hours at the gym working off said breakfast while kiddo stayed home with The Accountant and drew about a million pictures of Spongebob characters and fish. Then it was time for a shower and an hour at the local inflatable bouncy house place with kiddo in which she worked out some serious four-almost-five-year-old energy.

Let’s talk about those for a minute um’kay? Those places are cool ain’t they? Large gaudy plastic inflatable castles and such for kids to jump around in their stinky sock feet and tumble and slide and scream and get injured. But my kid would live at one of those places if she could. I practically have to drag her out of there. We have been to a million birthday parties of her little friends at these establishments and the little bugger is having her party this year at one too. It must be the cool thing to do for the pre-school set these days.

We decided to go to the movies and see Despicable Me 2. Apparently everyone and their third cousin’s grandma had the exact same rainy holiday idea because we had mega trouble scoring a parking place but finally did in the very furthest remote location possible. We ran through the rain to get in. Or rather, mommy stumbled through puddles while carrying a 40 lb kid who was wearing flip flops and didn’t want to get her feet wet. But whatevs. The show time we wanted was sold out but never fear for even this would not derail us. We bought tickets for the next show, 45 minutes later and waited in a winding line that snaked through the lobby to finally get a seat in the actual theater. Overall, it was a success and popcorn happened and kiddo loved the movie. It was really good and I LOLed more than a few times. Steve Carell is pretty much awesome no matter what he does and it was just a plain ol’ cute, funny, clever movie. A zillion times better than Monsters University, if you want to know what I think. I am fast becoming the Roger Ebert of kid’s movies. Another career option I should consider pursuing.

By this time mommy is ready to collapse from all the running around (let’s face it, I’m usually ready to collapse even if I’ve been sitting still all day). Kiddo was pretty worn down too so she drew yet more pictures of fish and we tricked her into thinking the neighborhood fireworks were the “big ones” we’d been talking about seeing all week. Many places had cancelled the fireworks shenanigans due to the weather but we could have ventured out to see a couple that were stubborn and held out. But dude, it was raining and I was beat down. Parents are conniving evil creatures so much of the time. We have to be to survive. The show was actually pretty good though and we got to watch it from the comfort of our covered patio while wearing pjs. Doesn’t get much more American than that y’all.

Then bedtime and now its 2 am and I’m up giving you the play by play of my day and you are actually reading it. Suckers.

sh5Oh. Lastly, I started listening to Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five on audiobook today while sweating at the gym. It’s always been on my list and I decided hey, you wanna read it, just flippin’ read it already. I should do that with more things in my life. You wanna do it? So do it. Simple. Easy peasy. Anyway, I’m at Chapter 2 and its interesting. I think I’m gonna like this guy.

Peas n’ Carrots.

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