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9 Jul

Its like a cloud that descends. Sometimes not all the way, sometimes just partially but enough to skew my head into emo-ness and melancholy. And then it may clear just as quickly as it came, like today. I feel better now. I’m not sure what happened or why but I just do. A kind email and then lunch with a friend maybe made the difference. Also, Diet Dr. Pepper. I wish I could better pinpoint when and why the triggers, both good and bad, happen. But I can’t so I just do the best I can and ride the waves.

I finished Slaughterhouse – Five during lunch. Meh. It may warrant another read at a later date. Or maybe I’m just not meant to relate to it and that’s ok. I was happy to have finished it though and am glad I soldiered through. On the music front, I’m currently listening to At My Heels by Twin Shadow. Digging it.

Kiddo has dance class tonight and then I’ll hit the gym for a bit. Hoping for an early bedtime.

9 Jul

Feeling exhausted and very sad today. Its amazing how quickly feelings can do a 180 on you sometimes. And my fat belly this dress makes me look pregnant. On the plus side, my hair looks ok and I’m tall. Grasping at straws here folks. Sometimes distractions are not enough.

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