Its like a cloud that descends. Sometimes not all the way, sometimes just partially but enough to skew my head into emo-ness and melancholy. And then it may clear just as quickly as it came, like today. I feel better now. I’m not sure what happened or why but I just do. A kind email and then lunch with a friend maybe made the difference. Also, Diet Dr. Pepper. I wish I could better pinpoint when and why the triggers, both good and bad, happen. But I can’t so I just do the best I can and ride the waves.

I finished Slaughterhouse – Five during lunch. Meh. It may warrant another read at a later date. Or maybe I’m just not meant to relate to it and that’s ok. I was happy to have finished it though and am glad I soldiered through. On the music front, I’m currently listening to At My Heels by Twin Shadow. Digging it.

Kiddo has dance class tonight and then I’ll hit the gym for a bit. Hoping for an early bedtime.

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