bodies break

So far so good on the 1/2 training. Mostly. I was pumped to run outside last night but by the time I was free to do so, it was pouring rain and lightning. I will run in the rain no problem, but lightning is another bear. So to the gym I went and got in 3.8 miles on the treadmill, 5 min running/1 min walking for 48 minutes plus warm up and cool down. The catch? My stupid bum foot starting acting all…stupid. Sore, twingy, stupid. It’s not like I’m overdoing it at all so its frustrating. I’m going to do my cross-training today, as scheduled (probably cycling and upper body weights/core), and then swap out Sunday’s rest day for Friday…then see how Stupid Foot feels on Saturday. Its been well over a year since the stress fracture but the foot has never been the same. For now, I’m not going to flip my lid. I am gonna go with the theory that its weather related pain…like bursitis or something. Sigh. Must be smart about listening to the body but when the body rebels…grrrr.

In other news, I just spent all morning at the doctor and then the pharmacy with kiddo. She’s had a cold for a couple of days but this morning she woke up at 4:30 with ear pain. She was pitiful and cuddly and hurting. Not horribly but kept complaining about it and I could tell she wasn’t feeling well. I got her in to see the doctor as early as possible and she has an ear infection. Her first one in her entire almost 5 year old life. I do feel very fortunate about that because I know kids who struggle with chronic ear infection and have to get tubes, etc. I gave her some food and her first dose of meds and sent her on her way to school with instructions for teachers to call me if she starts feeling worse.

Anywho. These complaints are minor, I realize. Healthy vibes all around.


4 thoughts on “bodies break

  1. I have no idea if this will help at all, it may be totally unrelated, but I found this interesting. This guy has this theory that constant injuries to the same foot or on the same side might be related to breathing. He said that we are most vulnerable to injury when we exhale because something about the exhaling puts us the most off balance or something like that. The thing is, most of us, when we run, we do something like breathe take 2 steps while inhaling, 2 steps while exhaling, but that we are always coming down on the same foot when exhaling. So what he’s coaching people to do is inhale for 3 steps, exhale for 2, that way we balance out what foot we are landing on when exhaling. The article is here:

    1. Thanks for this! The way I breathe had never occurred to me as a possible reason….Interesting. And thanks for the link!

      1. I tried it when running this morning. Was great for about 5 minutes and then I just lapsed into whatever my normal breathing is, not sure if I have any rhythm to it at all. It is interesting though.

      2. Just read the article. I honestly do not know that I am coordinated enough to do this! I mean, I’m usually just trying not to die out there, plain and simple. Thinking about when to exhale and inhale at exactly the right time might send me over the edge. Ha!

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