monday randoms

Not feeling so great today. I am right now literally forcing myself to drink a bottle of water and eat a banana when I would rather not eat at all. But there’s that whole needing nutrients issue so you can function like a human being. So annoying.

You know that thing where someone says “ok, try NOT to think about a zebra?” And so now you can’t stop thinking about zebras? That. The brain really needs an off switch. Or maybe a memory eraser of some sort. Some inventor person please get on that.

Something weird I do…Every time I look up and see an airplane I wonder where its going and who’s on it and if there’s a layover and where that might be. And then I fight the wanderlust and head on in to work or home or wherever. Every.Time.

Kiddo’s birthday shopping happening. Online of course. She’s getting a bike as her big gift. Exciting times people! Her party with her friends is this Saturday at guess where? A bouncy house place. We were just there at another party yesterday. That reminds me that I need to order the cake. Momma don’t cook.

Banana down. Maybe I’ll get crazy and choke down some saltines next.

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