Pac-Man is cooler anyway

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 10.14.19 AMSo, I’m old. As if you didn’t know. I did not run last night, but instead fell asleep AGAIN with the offspring. However, I hear you tsk-tsking at me and you should know that I DID get up at 5:15am and get my run in this morning. Nanner nanner nanner.

It was much better than Sunday’s run. I went very slow and very easy. Like, a turtle’s great-grandma with a walker kind of slow. I didn’t want the body and mind to shut down on me like it did last time. I forgot my earbuds but was able to mentally replace the Alt-J that’s been on maddening repeat in my brain with some Ke$ha and hit the road.

Three and a half miles, the sunrise, three deer (does), one baby bunny, and a nice “Good job on making it happen this morning” from a friendly neighbor out for a morning walk.

2 thoughts on “Pac-Man is cooler anyway

    1. Thanks! It was funny because last night I was all “ack, I have to work out” and then remembered that I’d already done it that morning! Hello awesome feeling!

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