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A friend took this picture of me and told me to post it on my blog. So here you go Liam, you weirdo. You owe me a latte. Heh.

Favorite DressToday has been ultra long for some reason. I did get to meet my college roommate from back in the day for lunch. She is uber smart. Like a rocket scientist researcher surgeon professor genius or something like that. She has a couple of kiddos now and we got to catch up on our lives post college and post the couple of bridal/baby showers and one kiddo birthday party where we saw each other a few years ago. Funny how people lose touch so easily because, life.

Restless. Shocker, I know. I have pent up energy or something. Irritated and antsy. Clear calendar tomorrow. Who wants to do lunch?

Know what I can do tonight? Fall asleep whenever I dern well please guilt-free because I got my run in already! Woo!

UPDATE: This was in my Drafts to finish and post last night but guess what campers? See paragraph above. Guilt free too because I’d ran yesterday morning. Tonight will be a gym or work out at home night I think.

I need to update my blogroll. There are lots of running blogs I’m reading now, some mommy blogs, health stuff, etc. Maybe I need categories. And many of the ones in the current blogroll are defunct.

Text this morning from my sister-in-law…”Write asap! It’s become a highlight of the day. :)” Made me smile. So here ya go sis, your daily highlight!

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