party central

Today…kiddo’s wild birthday party with some of her friends at “the bounce house place”, as we call it. Whew. It was a hit but, whew. Kid was SO stinkin’ excited. This is a really fun, if exhausting, age. Her actual birthday isn’t until Wednesday so I guess we’ll just consider this her birthday week since we are kind of celebrating it over this weekend and again on Wednesday. I’m not sure how I got all into this birthday thing. When I was a kid we had birthday shindigs but not like this. I might’ve had one friend over but it was a quiet family affair with a few presents and some homemade cake. And those celebrations were great. I’m blaming daycare and peer pressure. Ha.

Unbelievably, we also made it to dinner tonight with some old friends that we had traveled to Europe with several years ago. We hadn’t seen them since leaving Rome in ’06 and they only live 30-45 minutes away. For shame, I know. They are awesome people and we looked at each others photos from the trip, reminisced, and talked about going back.

Home to put kiddo to bed and walk the dog. A run was planned but it started lightning pretty badly so I opted for safety over miles. I am sleeping in my running clothes and have my gear laid out and alarm set for 5:30am though. Four miles planned. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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