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Four miles

21 Jul

GreenwayCollage072113Run/walk/sweatfest/triednottodie on the greenway today. I got four miles in and was happy with it for the most part.

I didn’t make it out the door at 5:30 as planned, as I’m not good at plans apparently. So it was hot as blacksmith tongs by the time I did get out there. I did decent for the first couple of miles and then psyched myself out a bit and walked more than I would have liked. But hey, I felt good afterwards so I’ll take it.

Hey, someone please remind me to buy a visor or a headband or something besides a cap. I think my head gets hot enough to nearly blow my brains out the top of my skull. Oh, and I need to bring a towel next time. Sweaty gross girl.

That is all.

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