Monday Funday

Not really but it sorta rhymed. Here’s some random stuff.

I went to bed semi-early last night. Because I’m old and tired and love sleeping almost as much as chocolate. Almost. Now if I could eat chocolate WHILE sleeping, then I’d really have something.

I’m having an extraordinarily bad hair day. I’m trying to grow it out and its in a weird stage. Not sure I will last much longer before I get my hair stylist lady to wack it off again. She asked me last week how I was fixing it. I said “I’m blowdrying it and praying”. Meh.

I got a very nice email thank you from the project leader of last Friday’s food giveaway. I wasn’t expecting that at all because she’d already thanked me profusely on the day of and was an awesome organizer and leader. Sixteen volunteers didn’t show up so she was exceptionally grateful to those that did. That email kind of made my morning. A personal “thank you” can make all the difference. I will definitely be back to help again on my next free Friday.

I really need to unsubscribe from The Wiggles listserv.

A friend has nearly convinced me to go Paleo with her. Honestly though, if I could just eat more veggies and fruits and less left over Disney Princess cake for breakfast, I’d consider that a win.

Twelve weeks until the half marathon. Running tonight.

Au revoir.

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