more than princesses

Five years ago today I endured hours of labor and came out of it looking pretty rough. (see photo evidence) I’ll never do THAT again. Heh. No, I’m not kidding, seriously, I won’t. One kid and done with that, so y’all can stop asking me when I’m having another. For real. Stop it. Right now. Zip it.

I was looking back in the archives on my sidebar because you know me, I documented the pregnancy, birth, and ensuing madness of the aftermath. Whew. Those days were difficult. These days and age are much easier on this mom.

P1030033But anyway, I’m getting off on a tangent. The good news is that on that day five years ago, she was healthy and perfect and beautiful. She’s still healthy and beautiful, and perfect some of the time.

The Accountant and I are going to have lunch with her and her friends at daycare today and then bring a sweet treat to them this afternoon. Kiddo has been prancing around saying “I’m five years old, I’m five years old, I’m five years old”. And she gave me a present this morning….in her most serious voice…”Mommy, I love you more than princesses”. And if you knew how much she LOVES those dern Disney princesses you would know that this is BIG.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! One day you’ll read this blog and take your momma on a vacation or something. Love you more than princesses.

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