saturday busyness

I’d love a nap but its already 4pm and that would just be bad news bears. Its been an extremely full day already. Kiddo had yet another birthday party to go to, this one all the way across town at one of her friend’s homes. They had water slides and kiddie pools set up and they all had a blast. But I am really hoping this is the last birthday party for a while.

I went on another animal rescue mission, this time it was just too convenient not to. An elderly lady had an injured finch and only lived five minutes from the birthday party. How could I not? Kiddo go to “help” with this one, which she thought was pretty cool. Lil’ birdie had an injured/broken left wing and couldn’t fly but could definitely still hop and flutter. We nearly let him get away trying to get him in the transport box. But so far I’m still 2-0 as far as safe animal deliveries go.

I’m trying to will myself to get my running gear on and go to the greenway. I haven’t worked out in a couple of days and I can tell. Yucky feeling. Must.Go.Now.

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