brain float

Today = the dentist = nitrous oxide = I AM THE MOST HILARIOUS PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE. For about 40 minutes anyway.

Some thoughts while floating…

  • Don’t stop breathing, keep breathing, take the deepest breaths you have ever taken in your life, don’t waste this precious sh!t.
  • Oh wow, hands and feet are so numb…OMG do I even HAVE hands and feet???
  • I must be the most tense person on earth because I am not this relaxed and loose even while sleeping.
  • Don’t laugh, do not laugh, do not effin’ laugh.
  • Isn’t the color green hysterical??
  • Hygienist asks if I want to buy some sort of fluoride home treatment gel…I hear “do you want to buy Florence and the Machine”…well of course I do…I LOVE HER!!!…You mean I can take them home with me???….YES!!!….I’ll take 20!!!
  • And so on…

Good times, good times.

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