never say never

IMG_20130804_161828Sometimes you do things that you never thought you would.

I survived the two day basic rider class and passed. I’m now officially legal to drive a bike on the highway! Not that I’ll be doing that right away. I need to practice a LOT in our neighborhood and on backroads before I’ll feel anywhere near confident enough to get out there with real traffic. But I am itching to take The Accountant’s bike out, although it is quite a bit heavier/bigger than the one I learned on. Eek.

I took the women’s only class and am so glad I did. There were only five in the class and our instructor was phenomenal. I was the only one who had never driven a bike (the chick who brought her scooter doesn’t count) so I was extra nervous. The instructor was amazing and never made me, or anyone, feel stupid or anything less than “you have so got this”. I cannot say enough great things about her.

There was a coed class happening at the same time on the other range and there were at least 20 people in that one. Since ours was so small we were able to spend extra time on skills that we needed to practice on and Ms. Fabulous Instructor was able to give us lots of one-on-one time. Precisely what I needed. I quickly discovered my weakness was in making friends with the clutch so I got there early on Day 2 to practice shifting. That extra time just riding around the range at different speeds and feeling when to shift helped me so much. The written exam was easy peasy and the road test wasn’t awful since we got to practice lots.

IMG_20130804_162025It never occurred to me until a year or so ago that I’d want to do this. But I am so glad I did. I have rarely, if ever, regretted putting myself out there and trying something new. This was no exception. I was scared and intimidated but I did it. So there. Take THAT insecurities and ‘fraidy cat brain!

Now I just need a bike of my own…Like one of these


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