• My workouts haven’t happened in about a week. Remedied that tonight with a 5K run/walk. I didn’t eat well today and kind of lost energy and heart about midway through. Meh. Hot, humid, and slow, but done.
  • I got a direct message from our county library (or at least the social media person) that kind of made my day…”Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy having your feed sandwiched among the politicians and newscasters I follow.
  • We hired a housekeeper. First cleaning happening Thursday. I do not feel guilty for this and you can’t make me.
  • Bike window shopping got postponed until next week because, reasons. Although I might hit up a bike shop over the weekend just for kicks.
  • Met with big boss today. I think I make him nervous. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve made a man nervous.
  • I am not perfect. I’m sorry. I flip out sometimes. I can’t just make my feelings disappear like poof. If I could, I would because that would be a super handy skill that I would use frequently.
  • Crossing fingers for a run in the park after work tomorrow. But for now, dreamland. Or at least laying horizontal while staring at the ceiling.

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