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organize me

12 Aug

Parent orientation went well after the initial scramble to get kiddo settled in next door and her supplies all gathered up (because waiting until the last minute is one of the things I do best). Her teacher is young and bubbly and the school itself is super nice. We have a huge packet of information and I feel like there are lots of things I need to remember to do, when to go here, where to drop her off, pick her up, lunch money, check her folder for news and notes, snack days, stars of the week, when to wear sneakers for gym, etc etc. I think I’m gonna have to step up my organizational skills…meaning, I need to get some of those.

I managed a 1.4 mile walk with the dog in the rain tonight. Gym time and running have slacked off over the past week or so. Must not lose control of that. The bike is still in the back of the car since I had no time tonight to ride it. Boo. Tomorrow though.

Bedtime now. Peas ‘n carrots.

the weekend and wheels

12 Aug

As briefly mentioned in a prior post, The Accountant and I had scheduled an all weekend babysitter for kiddo and a weekend getaway for ourselves. My throat issues mysteriously disappeared shortly after I complained about them and off we went.

I could so live the rest of my life in a nice hotel. We were within walking distance of everything we wanted, and shuttle distance of anything else. We hung out with friends and had dinner, saw a movie (Elysium, very good in spite of the overt political slant, but, Matt Damon so whatever), and relaxed. Saturday was brunch at our favorite pancake joint, and lots of exercise! We walked all over the place and rented bikes from the B-cycle and continued our journeys about town. Overall we got in over seven miles of galavanting around the city under our own power. The rest of the weekend was spent lounging. I am a champion lounger. It was a very nice, very relaxing and chilled out weekend. I need more of those.

Let’s talk about bikes now…My friend cracked me up today when I made a comment about why I am so obsessed with motorcycles and bicycles lately…she said “its because you are looking for multiple escape methods.” Ha!

First bicycles…Ever since a friend of mine had mentioned the possibility of completing a duathlon I haven’t been able to get the notion out of my head. But I have no experience with serious biking and haven’t ridden in years and don’t (make that didn’t) even own a bicycle. Besides potential racing at a much later date, another plus to getting a bike was that I figured I needed a supplement to running and my knees, feet, and joints would appreciate an additional option for fitness that’s a bit more exciting than the stationary bike at the gym. After talking to a guy at a local bike shop about what my goals were for the time being he recommended some options and I test rode a Trek Verve and a Trek FX 7.4 on Saturday. Today at lunch I drove away with the FX in the back of my car. This is obviously not a race bike but will be good for a newb like me to get used to biking in general, and build up my fitness overall. If I really get serious about a duathlon, I can always trade up to an official road bike. That said, I cannot wait to get it home and ride! I want to ride all the greenways and parks and its going to be a great option to be able to throw it in the back of my car in the mornings and ride out the stress of the day in the afternoons before heading home. So excited! Will post a pic later.

Now motorcycles…Before we left on our weekend getaway, I wanted to see if I could really ride The Accountant’s motorcycle without crashing. I was soooo nervous. Its one thing to crash the little rattletrap bikes they let us ride in the Basic Rider class, but a whole other thing to scratch up your husband’s pride and joy, which is much heavier and much nicer. I hopped on, got oriented, took a few deep breaths, and took off. Given what I looked like on it the last time I tried (a scared little girl), The Accountant was impressed. I rode around the neighborhood for a while and got used to the feel of this heavier, and oh so much smoother ride than the one I’d learned on.

I have now claimed this bike as my own. All’s fair in war and marriage.


quick rant

12 Aug

Really? The county school system just left us a message letting us know about the PreK program that we could enroll kiddo in if we wanted to hold off on kindergarten another year. Hello, it is two days before and you are going to tell me about this NOW? No way. Kiddo is primed and excited and I’m not holding her out a year but thanks for the oh so timely heads up on the option. Geez.

kindergarten jitters of the mommy kind

12 Aug

momkidsmilesIts gonna be a weird week I think. Kiddo starts kindergarten and momma’s nervous.

Kiddo’s been commuting 45 min to an hour every day with me for five years to the daycare at my work and as of this week I’ll be making the commute alone. No Disney princess movies blasting in my ear, no handing bags of cheddar goldfish back and forth, no spilled drinks, no screaming fits to pull off to the side of the road to deal with, no “momma I gotta poop” in the middle of a traffic jam…wait, why am I nervous again?

Oh yeah, not because of my upcoming peaceful commuting, but because its a huge school, she doesn’t know anyone there, and it will be a new routine for all of us. Big time. Daycare time of arrival has been structure-less and we all know “real school” isn’t like that. The Accountant and I are going to have to figure out who drops her off, who picks her up from after school activities, etc. I’m going to have to restructure my hours at work to fit into school schedule as well.

Tonight The Accountant and I will attend “new parent orientation” to get the low down. Luckily I was able to wrangle a neighbor into keeping kiddo so we could both go. Its kind of a pain not having family close by to help with this stuff. But the neighbor has a sweet 12 year old girl and they have popsicles, so kiddo is pumped.

Bring it on kindergarten, bring it on.

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