kindergarten jitters of the mommy kind

momkidsmilesIts gonna be a weird week I think. Kiddo starts kindergarten and momma’s nervous.

Kiddo’s been commuting 45 min to an hour every day with me for five years to the daycare at my work and as of this week I’ll be making the commute alone. No Disney princess movies blasting in my ear, no handing bags of cheddar goldfish back and forth, no spilled drinks, no screaming fits to pull off to the side of the road to deal with, no “momma I gotta poop” in the middle of a traffic jam…wait, why am I nervous again?

Oh yeah, not because of my upcoming peaceful commuting, but because its a huge school, she doesn’t know anyone there, and it will be a new routine for all of us. Big time. Daycare time of arrival has been structure-less and we all know “real school” isn’t like that. The Accountant and I are going to have to figure out who drops her off, who picks her up from after school activities, etc. I’m going to have to restructure my hours at work to fit into school schedule as well.

Tonight The Accountant and I will attend “new parent orientation” to get the low down. Luckily I was able to wrangle a neighbor into keeping kiddo so we could both go. Its kind of a pain not having family close by to help with this stuff. But the neighbor has a sweet 12 year old girl and they have popsicles, so kiddo is pumped.

Bring it on kindergarten, bring it on.

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