organize me

Parent orientation went well after the initial scramble to get kiddo settled in next door and her supplies all gathered up (because waiting until the last minute is one of the things I do best). Her teacher is young and bubbly and the school itself is super nice. We have a huge packet of information and I feel like there are lots of things I need to remember to do, when to go here, where to drop her off, pick her up, lunch money, check her folder for news and notes, snack days, stars of the week, when to wear sneakers for gym, etc etc. I think I’m gonna have to step up my organizational skills…meaning, I need to get some of those.

I managed a 1.4 mile walk with the dog in the rain tonight. Gym time and running have slacked off over the past week or so. Must not lose control of that. The bike is still in the back of the car since I had no time tonight to ride it. Boo. Tomorrow though.

Bedtime now. Peas ‘n carrots.

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