next stop, juvie hall

Kiddo was/is having some adjustment issues at school. To put it bluntly, she’s punching kids. Yes, punching. She’s gotten in trouble two days in a row for channeling Rocky Balboa. Fabulous. For the record and in my kid’s defense, she has attended day care from 8 weeks to 5 years old, and we’ve never had this issue. I’m shocked I tell you.

Each day the kiddies get a behavior assessment based on a color scale, with green meaning they were sweet angels, red meaning they are juvie hall bound, with degrees of other colors in between. The first two days we got green. Woohoo! Then the next day, a yellow mark with a note from the teacher saying that my kiddo had punched a “friend”. We had the obligatory talk with her about using her words instead of her fists, yada yada. Tears and remorse followed with the promise for a better day tomorrow.

The next day…another yellow with another note from teacher in a much more stern tone…my child had punched another kid and knows that next time it happens she will be demoted to RED. A more serious talk occurred as did more serious tears and elevated remorse and some “I don’t want to talk about it mommy”. The next day…stomach virus. Goodbye perfect attendance. It was really all we had left since the good behavior medal had already slipped by us.

Enter today, Monday…I dropped her off and that experience was a bit rocky, although at least we weren’t late this time, so I didn’t think her day got off to the greatest of beginnings. Sigh. Bad mommy. However, today….drum roll please….GREEN!!! Whew. Can we get two greens in a row by getting another one tomorrow??? Stay tuned folks. Its gonna be a nail biter.

Kindergarten is stressing me out.

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