the ‘rents and a walk

Besides the race this weekend, my parents spent Friday-Sunday with us and it was a great visit. Kiddo probably bugged them to death but I don’t think they minded too much. She had Papa on bicycles and swings and various playground equipment, Grandma read her stories and watched some questionable dance moves, plus a trip with Papa and Grandma to the local pumpkin patch before sending them home exhausted.

Monday WalkIn contrast, today was kind of lame. I didn’t feel well so I took a sick day and vegged. Not that that isn’t something I’m good at or dislike doing but I felt like a slug and slugs are no fun. I made up for it tonight though and went for a little walk with the dog. The weather was cool and the night was cloudy with a bright moon. My legs/feet/hips are still pretty sore and I needed to move them. It felt really good. My bum foot felt fine and my muscles seemed happy to be back outside walking.

moonTomorrow we’ll try a bike ride I think. And maybe a short, slow run at the end of the week. Some gym time is in order too.There’s a local 4 mile race on Thanksgiving that I think I’m going to do, if I’m in town.

Off topic side-note: I am going to finish The Grapes of Wrath this week or die trying.

Goodnight interwebz.

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