food is not my friend

Hungry Finn

So this eating thing is not going so well. Since Friday night (that’s approximately 4 and a half days ago) I have had one can of Chicken Noodle Soup, a handful of pretzels and saltines, part of a frozen Smart Ones, and a portion of a Zaxby’s combo meal. That is it. I am living off of water and Sprite and fat reserves, of which I have plenty. My eyes look at food and my tummy starts chanting “hell no, food won’t go” and gives me a not so friendly stab in the gut. And yes, I am HUNGRY! At this rate I will be 20 lbs lighter by Christmas.

I’m also dying to get outside and go for a walk or ride the bike but I have no energy because apparently you need food for that and my body is rejecting all such crazy notions. The Accountant is on me to go to the doctor and I keep saying I will if it’s not better tomorrow. Then I say the same thing the next day.

Hubs thought he had caught it but it turned out to be a very light case, so far at least. But hey, he traded that in for a nasty sinus infection so he wouldn’t be left out of The Great Plague of 2013. Yay equality. Kiddo, the initial carrier and spreader of germs, remains steady at this point.

Anywho. Y’all hang tight, I’m about to try a banana…

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