mah friday

Today’s doctor visit was very, anticlimactic, to say the least. I got a lot of “hmmm”s and “I see”s. And then he gave me some random sample meds to try, said “good luck with that” and sent me on my way. Thank you Dr. Decisive.

I got a nice nap in today and then took kiddo to get her flu mist. That was a stressful adventure there and back as I battled horrendous traffic caused by a fatality wreck on the interstate. 😦 Very sad. Managed to get her back to dance class, albeit late and one of her dance shoes was missing. She’s already lost one set of leotards and pants. Kids these days…can’t keep up with anything.

Sweet cuddles tonight while watching Pocahontas II, in which the Indian princess totally ditches John Smith for John Rolfe because girls are fickle. Tomorrow we have a playdate with her bestie at some place filled with trampolines. Here’s to no broken bones. There also needs to be some shopping for winter clothes for kiddo and maybe a library trip.

File this under most boring post ever. But sometimes, boring is good. 🙂

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