The Great Beauty, and being a movie snob

I treated myself to an outing to our local and fabulous indie theater today and saw The Great Beauty on the recommendation of a friend. I was not disappointed. It was one of those films that I had to let settle in my brain for a bit afterwards to make my own sense of what I felt it “meant”. Filmed in the oh so alluring city of Rome, I found it to be cinematically beautiful and lush. As well as bizarre, melancholy and wonderful. There was something very sad to me about Jeb and his friends…on the back end of middle age and still struggling to find meaning in their lives and relationships. Maybe we aren’t ever meant to figure that stuff out anyway. Several funny moments and several sad ones, it was one of those movies where people just sat very still at the end and listened to the music and watched the credits roll until the very end.

Some of my friends think I’m a bit of a movie snob and I won’t deny it. I watch Hollywood films with as much enjoyment as the next person, but I seek out and REALLY enjoy the indie and foreign stuff for several reasons. I love subtitles, for one thing. Yes, weirdo. I love listening to people speak other languages for long periods of time. Double weirdo. Its just so beautiful to me. Especially Italian and French. Gorgeous languages. I like how many of those films challenge my brain and make me see things in different ways, in ways that never would have occurred to me. I like how they can make me think about them for a long time afterwards…mull them over…dissect and analyze them… I remember those films versus most mainstream Hollywood fare. Triple weirdo.

Not to discount the good ones in the U.S. of A. of course! FYI: The Belcourt is showing Oscar Picks on weekends through January and February!

On my schedule next week, a Bettie Page documentary, Bettie Page Reveals All.

Ciao movie lovers!

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