IMG_20140106_220213_937I knew it was going to happen because I felt it in my bones. That today would be a snow day and the never ending Christmas vacation of 2013 would prevail. That’s ok because I love my kid just as much as any parent on the planet. However, I also love not being a stay-at-home parent and I value my alone time (aka, free time, personal time, being my own person, etc). My child is a true momma’s girl and if I’m home with her or out with her or heck, within 100 miles of her, she is attached to me like a second skin. So I’ve been looking forward to getting back into the school/work routine for some breathing room. Alas, that would not be today.

We spent a nice day watching the Disney channel, doing an exercise DVD to burn off some energy, and coloring on her DoodleArt poster. Which, by the way, is the coolest.IMG_20140106_220235_898 Apparently these have been around forever but I’ve been out of the DoodleArt loop it seems. She got the Fairy Tales one for Christmas and I love it, probably more than she does. I want all of them for myself to be quite honest. But wait, I’m getting distracted by doodling. We had a good day with only a couple of melt downs (one each, haha, kidding, not kidding). Then I saw the email about schools being closed again tomorrow and I went into my closet, closed the door and screamed into a pile of sweaters. Ok, not literally buIMG_20140106_220228_151t I SO did that in my mind. I did make the executive decision to go to work tomorrow anyway and let the husband figure it out. Turns out, her after school place is going to be open for a camp day so, solution.

Here’s to finally getting back into a routine of some sort starting tomorrow, and perhaps thinking about moving further south where snow does not make people crazy. I’m thinking Brazil or somewhere in the Caribbean.



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