a gold pin and other things

Yesterday I made a last minute adjustment to my plans to return to work and decided to go back home after dropping kiddo at camp. I had a “me” day and it was glorious. The electricity was going off and on most of the morning and I may or may not have been stuck outside waiting for it to come on again because I didn’t have a house key and had to rely on the garage door to open in order to get inside. But I had a good book and a full tank of gas so I was content for the few minutes it took to come back on. And I realize that these are privileged suburban problems so shut up.

Back to work today and it was nice to see my crazy coworkers again. I also got my 10 year pin. Gulp. Ten years of employment represented by a little gold pin. I can’t decide if that’s depressing or worthy of celebration. A bit of both I think. Its kind of like a birthday where you look back and wonder where the years have gone and what, if anything, you’ve accomplished. And wonder if you can do better going forward and omg did I just waste the last x amount of time and I can’t ever get those years back and hello panic attack, where are my meds and a frikken paper bag….or maybe that’s just me.

Although they started a couple of hours late today, kiddo’s return to school was a triumphant one and she was in a great mood tonight. I think she has been ready to get back to normal too and missed her friends a lot.

This has been a post and I’m going to read a bit more on my book now.



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