the latest

012114aIt’s been a crazy, but good week for various reasons. I’ve made some headway on my personal to-do list, hung out with friends, made some plans, and did some thangs. Next week’s list includes drastically ramping up the job search and figuring out/solidifying some vacation plans we have brewing.

The weekend is looking promising. Kiddo is so excited that she can hardly stand it. Some family members are taking her to Chuck E. Cheese Hell with some cousins and then they are having a sleepover. Kiddo has stayed the night at her favorite babysitter’s a couple of times so I’m hoping this one goes well and The Accountant and I get to enjoy a nice relaxing time to ourselves. Crossing fingers for no phone calls at midnight telling me to come get my kid.

Tax season is underway and we are adjusting. Kiddo has had some negative behavior issues at school that we are surmising have to do with not seeing daddy very much. I’m hoping this evens out soon because we have a long way to go before Uncle Sam releases us. The Good Morning board has been working out great for making the beginnings of our day less frustrating. So there’s that.

That’s it for now.

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