Heeeeeey February

  • I’m looking forward to warmer weather tomorrow and spending some time outside.
  • My philosophical observation of the day is how the passing of time gives you a more realistic perspective on certain things and confirms right (or wrong) decisions. This is a good thing.
  • I am making vegetable soup in the crock pot tomorrow, er, today. It’s gonna smell good all day and taste delicious for supper.
  • My best friend is coming to visit this month!
  • Valentine’s Day! I’m not a hater of this holiday like many. Either celebrate it, acknowledge it, or don’t. I choose to because I like chocolate and it’s fun to do all the cheesy kiddie Valentine’s Day things with the little one. Capture
  • I’m currently reading The Best American Travel Writing 2011: The Best American Series. It’s interesting. I have some definite favorites so far.
  • I booked our flights to Paris today. Afterwards I just sat there for a few minutes struggling to breathe because I am so excited to go back and I well realize how fortunate I am. Also, I need to learn some basic French asap.
  • I have a 5K in two weeks. I haven’t ran in months. Lame.
  • Know what’s mostly adorable and only a little gross? That my kid insists on sleeping with whatever shirt I’ve worn all day. She says, “I want your shirt mommy. I love your smell and it’s like you’re with me.”

This is gonna be a good month.
Au revoir!

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