weather is stupid, sickly kid, weekend highlights, drugs are bad

Mother Nature can for real bite me. Kiddo’s school opens two hours late tomorrow but it wouldn’t surprise me if they cancel it altogether before morning. It is raining out there after all. I always roll my eyes at people yakking on and on about the weather but when you were just in short sleeves 24 hours ago and now school is out because of potential icing, well, yak away if you want.

Speaking of the offspring, she’s not feeling so great. It’s not even 11pm yet and she’s already been up three times coughing and shivering and icky. I gave her honey for the cough, a roll of toilet paper for the snots, literally the shirt off my back for comfort, some extra blankets for the shivers, and Tylenol for general purposes. I really hope she’s not getting seriously sick yet again.

Other than her feeling a bit off, our weekend was good. We got to ride bikes together for a bit on Saturday, made Valentines this afternoon, completed homework, and she played video games with The Accountant. All of that and my fabulous veggie soup were the highlights from the weekend. There was the Superbowl thing on TV but I completely ignored that and watched Sam and Cat with you-know-who instead. A good choice I think.

Switching gears here…the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman is so incredibly sad, as are all deaths in which addiction plays a part (assuming the preliminary theories on cause of death are correct). Drugs are bad news bears folks. Addiction is a scary thing and doesn’t give two shits how much money you have or how talented or famous you are; it can happen to anyone in so many different forms. I honestly believe that we all have demons. Some people just find ways to deal better with theirs than others.

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