Love Mommy

Love Mommy

I really do have the most awesome kid.

I was teary most of yesterday afternoon. I hate crying in front of kiddo because I don’t want her to be worried about anything. But yesterday I couldn’t help it. I just told her that I’d had a bad day. She gave me hugs and patted and stroked my arm like I do to her when she cries. Then she ran to the bathroom for a roll of toilet paper and tore me off some so I could blow my nose. Ha! I kept crying so she ran to the kitchen drawer where we keep the hand towels. Then the kicker…She grabs one, climbs onto the bar stool chair beside me, and proceeds to wipe my tears while looking very concerned. Its all so very precious but is only making the waterworks worse of course.

She finally began to diversify her methods. When she noticed a teary episode was about to start up again, she would cut a little square of paper and write “Love Mommy” on it and then hand them to me like some sort of magical love comfort currency. As you can see, I earned four of them, all within about 30 minutes. And if you think I’m not keeping those little scraps of paper forever, then you’re a crazy person.

♥ Love Mommy ♥

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