update smupdate

Its 2am and I’m sitting up in bed listening to some sort of precipitation, be it rain, ice or a combination on the roof. Schools were cancelled for tomorrow hours ago so I’ll be at home with kiddo for the day. With the exception of about an hour during which I have a phone interview. But more about that in a minute.

Its been a busy couple of weeks. So busy I haven’t posted. I was doing so well with that too. Ah well, blame real life.

I’ve made a few more successful and yummylicious meals in the crock pot. By the way, I’ve named the crock pot, “Crocky P”, because I’m ridiculously corny and it sounds like some sort of culinary rapper name. So yes, Crocky P and I have bonded.

The Accountant has been slammed at work of course. But last weekend we managed a fun date night at a benefit for one of his clients, a Catholic college, and were able to mingle with the Sisters at a fancy pants dinner, dance, silent auction event. We even snagged free overnight babysitting for that evening. Score!

My best friend came to town and it was a blast hanging out with her for a bit. Its never long enough but I got my bestie fix at least. We had lunch and talked forever and it was pretty great. I miss her.

Kiddo and I went to the ‘rents for the weekend. Quality time with them, grandparents, the niece, my brother and my sis-in-law happened. We opted to stay with them this time instead of our usual hotel because hello upcoming unemployed person. It was nice for the convenience factor but lets be honest, its like trying to sleep in an episode of Wild Kingdom. The drive back was a bit hairy, with crazy rain and even some hail but we made it safely home.

I was going to update you on the job hunt situation but I’m tired and am opting to sleep instead. I’ll save it until after my interview tomorrow.



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