Hello, I’m Awesome

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 3.36.45 PMThe job search continues.

I had a bit of a surprise today. Due to an HR paperwork snafu, my position is not officially eliminated for an additional 5 weeks from the date I was originally told. While this gives me a nice cushion, for various personal reasons, I don’t want to have to use it. But the option is there should I need it.

I have interviewed three times for one particular job with more interviews to come. Those people don’t play around when it comes to hiring the right person. I had another interview this morning for a different position with my current employer. All of these discussions went very well and I continue to surprise myself by pulling through under pressure and being able to promote my skills in an applicable way. Both of these jobs would be great but I obviously can’t count on anything so I continue to search and apply as appropriate. I do have the luxury of being somewhat picky but that pressure is still there, although self-inflicted.

My career path was the subject of my entire therapy session last week. We discussed why I bypassed applying for something that looked amazing but that I wasn’t confident enough to go for. Dr. B encouraged me not to sell myself short and remember that I have developed some very marketable and desirable experience. As well, to take this opportunity to find something that I really desire and that excites me, and if that thing stretches the limits of my comfort zone, to go for it anyway. She’s always telling me not to be so self critical and hard on myself; to be nicer to ME. And she’s totally right. One day maybe it will sink in.

Honestly though, when I look back over my working years, I’m pretty proud of how much I’ve grown and progressed with my career. Would I have made some different choices earlier on? Probably. Maybe. Who knows. But overall, I have worked my way up from data grunt to putting myself out there and teaching people, helping people, and learning right along with them. I think this next job (whatever it may be) will be a step up and a nice segue into something that is really…me.

I’m all positive today people. Tomorrow or the next day I might be depressed, but today I’m awesome.


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