Family Hike Saturday

Maps and SignsI deemed today “family day” and made the proclamation that we were all going for a hike and a picnic. Momma had spoken and there would be no arguing. And so, we took off to a local park that I didn’t even know HAD hiking trails until an acquaintance enlightened me.

As this was a family hike, no trail records were broken and I’m happy to report that neither were any bones, although kiddo fell a couple of times but recovered after only a few tears. I only twisted my ankle three times and stumbled about ten. I am a dorky hiker. Winning. Oh, and in a ridiculous moment of nature euphoria/madness, I think I heard myself agree to a family hiking/camping trip in the near future. All those chirping birds addled my brain or something.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure, as well as some links to people who actually know what they are doing who have also hiked these trails.

All in all, a very fun day and I think we’ll be back here.

The Trail

Beware Kid Hiking

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