week numero uno

BEK JobSo, I’ve been at the new gig for a week now. I’m gonna be honest and say that the jury is still out as to whether I made the right move or not. But I know I can’t make that call based on one week so we’ll see what time brings. The main issue this week has been severe boredom, to put it bluntly. And I may be jinxing myself by even saying that. Ha.

Its funny when you know that you want to do something creative and/or socially beneficial but aren’t sure how to get there. I did apply for what felt like something that could potentially be my dream job (if I even know what that is, which I don’t) and didn’t get a call. So part of me thinks I settled for lack of knowing what else to do. It was the easy choice, well within the comfort zone and all that. Sigh.

I do know this…if I’m not ok with the current situation in a few months or however long seems reasonable, I will keep searching. I am too old and have too much hindsight to stay in a situation that isn’t right or that I don’t feel good about. So that gives me some peace of mind. Part of me feels like such a spoiled brat even writing this. Whatever.

Anyway, its too early to tell, but stay tuned.


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