about time for an update

I have obviously been neglecting the blog for various reasons but I was feeling froggy tonight and figured it was overdue an update.  So let’s do that….

I’ve been at the new gig for almost two months now. That first month was a doozy y’all. I was seriously questioning my decision and it was not a good feeling. I’m happy to report that things have smoothed out immensely and I’ve finally been assigned to a project with a great project manager, and I’m learning a lot and being generally challenged and useful. For now, that’s good enough.

The offspring is great and keeps us busy busy and on the move with school/friend activities and dance. She has a recital this week and kindergarten graduation next week. I think there’s a birthday party for one of her friend’s in there somewhere too. Our latest animal rescue adventure was taking a robin with a broken wing to wildlife rehab last week.

I have once again fallen way off the wagon here. Shocker. But I am planning to do a local 1/2 marathon in the fall so must get back on track asap! As in tomorrow. One of my Mother’s Day presents was a new pair of Brooks and they must not go to waste. I also got the bikes tuned up this weekend and have the riding itch again. Back to it I say!

The Accountant and parents are well. We survived yet another tax season and things are much more relaxed around here. My mom came down for the weekend and I took Friday off to hang out with her. We had a great time running around town shopping, lunch, etc. Kiddo and I will head up there for a weekend here soon as well.

My friends are awesome as usual and making time to hang out with them is a huge priority in my life. I’m sad that one of my girlfriends has moved away due to a new job but it’s a great move for her and her family. One of my others is getting married in a few months, so hello excitement!

A couple of vacations are coming up. The family beach vacation in June and our anniversary trip to Paris in August! Not much makes me happier than having travel plans to look forward to. I mentioned the 1/2 marathon and hopefully there will be some smaller races before then. I’ve got some creative things up my sleeve as well.

Those are the highlights. Consider yourself updated. 🙂


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