Today be like…

Cubicle_Nation “So, what do you do?”

This question always trips me up. What I “do” is a bit complicated and hard to explain and even after my poor attempts I usually get blank stares. If The Accountant is with me after I’ve stumbled through a long and rambling explanation to someone, he’ll say, “so what do you do again?” Cracks me up every time. Not that what I do is rocket science or anything but to someone who isn’t in this particular field, it may seem like it. And I can’t just say “I’m an an accountant, or a hair dresser or a widget maker.”

Anyway, some big things happened today in the workplace in relation to what I do, in a good way. The boss is happy and you know what they say about happy bosses. Or maybe that’s happy mommas. Whatever. Same difference in many cases.

I may not be able to explain what I do, but part of it entails getting to wear cute headsets sometimes.

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