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I'm reading the best book. Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler. The Jazz Age, F. Scott, New York City, great writing...what's not to love? I think I'm going to give The Paris Wife a go next.I gave up on Winter's Tale because it was boring me to death. I know many people who... Continue Reading →


We're back from Paris and wow, what an adventure, learning experience, stress-filled, magical, amazing, and frustrating time it was. I definitely consider myself a more seasoned traveler after this trip! I'll post more about it all later including some of my favorite photos. My love for the city remains firmly intact and even deeper than... Continue Reading →

itinerary for the next week

Its been a long wait to return to La Ville-Lumière but it is finally here and The Accountant and I leave tomorrow evening! This trip is in celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary earlier in the summer, and is the perfect excuse to return to Paris (not that you need an excuse). We'll leave Nashville... Continue Reading →

8/3/14 early morning snippets

It is no wonder hamsters sleep all day and only live a couple of years...they run ALL NIGHT in that swirly wheel thing...they have to be exhausted. School supply shopping at the almost last minute and on tax-free weekend? I don't recommend it. I really need to be more organized. But its just not me.... Continue Reading →

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