Halloween report

1459147_10152821500548454_7297970401752063641_n (2)We had an epic Halloween this year. This is becoming my very favorite holiday. We had some family come over to see kiddo in her costume and partake of chips and dips of all sorts. Alas, this was not to be another year of cutsie princess or candy corn witch costumes for kiddo. She decided to be a “zombie witch” so I slapped some makeup on her and she was happily scarified.

We managed to get kiddo and her cousin to wait until dark before letting them loose in the neighborhood to do that thing they do. It was rather windy and chilly and the girls didn’t last very long. Their freezing moms got a welcome reprieve thanks to the neighbors around the corner who can always be depended on each Halloween to have a fire pit and warm apple cider ready, spiked with Captain Morgan if you so chose.

Our little group didn’t even get close to covering the entire neighborhood but the kids had fun and you only need minimal amounts of candy to obtain Sugar Coma status anyway. Capture

I LOVE dressing up and decided to channel my inner Rosie the Riveter this year. Also known as a good reason to wear lot of makeup and a retro hairdo. Not that I need an excuse for that.

And now we shift our focus to Thanksgiving. I have a crafty urge to make a wreath I found on Pinterest. I’m going to pretend that doesn’t sound too lame. 🙂

10603781_10152821500613454_7375640868183978632_n (2)

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