The ADD is strong with this one

I cannot sit still today y’all. Cannot focus. Cannot stand the confines of this cubicle. I am fidgety. Whew. I’m making lists and thinking of things I need and want to do and getting not much of anything done in this whole chaotic process that’s swirling in my head.

I will look into mind-quieting meditation…

Sometimes I wonder if a set daily routine would help or hinder. Some people swear by that right? As in from 5-6am they get ready for work, commute from 6-6:45am, 6:45-7:15am get the to-do list and priorities lined up for the day, 7:15-9:00am work on Project A…you get the idea. I like the IDEA of being that organized but the actual rigidity of that gives me anxiety. There has to be a great deal of flexibility and creativity in it for it to work for me I think. And then, what’s the point of a schedule?

I feel like a lab rat in here. A fish in a glass bowl.

I’m totally just writing this post as a form of procrastination. Ahhhhhhhh!!!

I’m going to lunch.

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