tattoo talk

So, here’s some news. Mom, brace yourself. I decided to get another tattoo! I went by the shop yesterday after work and got it scheduled for his next available appointment in July. This will be my third piece and will be done by the same artist who did my first one several years ago.

Why do people get permanent art on their bodies and why did I decide to get another? I think the reason is different for everyone. I find tattoos to be the ultimate in self-expression. Each tattoo has a story, even if that story is simply “I love dinosaurs.” They are visual narratives that we carry with us every day; constant reminders of things that are important to us. I’m not sure why some people view this as a negative thing because to me, it’s beautiful. I do accept that it’s not for everyone and people express themselves in different ways. Don’t like broccoli? Don’t eat it. Don’t like tattoos? Don’t get one. Don’t make life harder than it has to be folks.

I did meet some resistance from someone close to me, primarily about the placement of this new piece. My other tattoos are in places that I don’t see when fully clothed – between my shoulder blades and on my thigh. This new art will live prominently on my inner forearm. The reasoning behind the resistance was based on potential future employers who may not allow visible tattoos in the workplace. I get that in more conservative fields, this is a common policy, although I think it is falling gradually out of favor as time goes on. My thought on this, especially as I get older, is that I don’t want to work in a place that feels the need to stifle creativity and self-expression in this way. I don’t want to conform to someone else’s ideals or expectations of and for me. Life’s too short and I’m too old. Also, tattoos don’t suck out brain cells and make me perform my job poorly or in a less effective manner.

Anywho, I’m not going to stay on the soapbox about this, but that’s the gist. I just wanted to share the news about my upcoming new ink! And no, I’m not telling what it is until its done!

Photo by Julia Giacomini on Unsplash

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