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1 Jul

you know that feeling when you know you should go to bed because its really late but you don’t want to because your mind is whirling and you can’t shut your brain off, plus you’re not really sleepy and are just in that dreamy state of mind where random bizarre thoughts pop into your head and you are really considering driving to the airport and hopping a plane to Sao Paulo but in reality you know you can’t do that so you just think about it and decide to write in your journal instead but ten minutes later all you’ve done is doodle some daisies and 3D arrows so you get on the internet and google “how to interpret dreams”?

yeah, that.

zombie brain

26 Oct

My “grey matter” as a former English teacher used to refer to our adolescent brains, has been completely mush the last couple of days. Maybe its too much Dora and not enough veggies or something, I dunno. I do the whole zoning out thing quite well but some days its way worse than others. I need a challenge of some sort. Some new stimulation or scenery. I did change the template here…you know I do that when I get restless.

Speaking of zombies and brains, a friend is doing the Zombie Buffet 5K this weekend and I’m kinda jealous. The timing just isn’t good for me but I would’ve made a killa Black Swan Zombie doncha think? Oh wait, I don’t think I’ve talked about that whole running a 5K in a tutu thing on here have I? My bad. Long story short…a friend and I dressed as White Swan and Black Swan and ran a race. It was wicked fun. The end. Here is proof…I cropped White Swan out because well, not everyone wants these types of things documented on the internet.

  And no, I am not pregnant, I was just wearing a “billowy” shirt.

Now, what was I talking about again? Oh yes, being restless. This must be why I run around town in tutus on occasion. To feed the restless beast (or bird in this case).

While I’m on the subject of costumes (sort of), kiddo keeps saying she wants to be a spider for Halloween. The original plan was to recycle last year’s pirate costume but a couple of options have come to my attention to change things up. The lovely Danielle suggested drawing a spider on her face and she could be a Pirate Spider. Brilliant! Also, I’ve found a no-sew (’cause we all know that ain’t happening) homemade spider costume that doesn’t look too difficult or expensive so we could do that as well. Hmmmm. What will probably happen is kid will want to be a spider up until the costume is ready and then randomly say that she wants to be a unicorn or something. In which case mommy will say no candy for you.

I’m reading an excellent book right now for bookclub. Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. It has nothing to do with zombies, spiders or swans but is great nonetheless.

Oh, back to the 5K thing. Kiddo and I will be tearing up the pavement in this one in a few weeks. I am definitely not going to break any PRs in this race since I’ll be pushing a 30 lb kid in a humongous stroller, but it should be fun. And hopefully she’ll think its cool to race with the old lady.

Till next time.

go away crazy world

28 Jan

What is up? Mass craziness, that’s what.

Lets see…Fisher is out, Egypt has completely lost its mind and I can’t get past Level 12 of Angry Birds. Some of my friends are going through tough times and I feel helpless. This week at work has been the most maddening yet and my potential new career seems to be held up in some sort of limbo-land.

To combat the crazies, someone asked me this week if I ever meditated. We talked about it a bit and it is something I’ve always been interested in but never put forth any serious effort into. I think I will change that.

I was thinking about a place in my head that I would go in my blissed out state and decided it is most definitely to the Swiss Alps. The place where this picture is specifically. I’ve been here once and have ridden on that very train. I can’t imagine a more beautiful or more perfect place to zen out and forget the world.

various and sundry

13 Oct

I always read that word in my head as “Sun Dry”…as in, “I let my wet shirt sun dry”…or something…ok, wait, actually I guess I would really say “I let my wet shirt dry in the sun” or “I let my wet shirt air dry” or “I threw that wet shirt in the dern dryer”. Yeah, probably that last one. Whatever.

Yes, I’m back to sporadic and random posting for a bit. And so, to catch you up…

  • The Accountant and I went to Vegas last weekend.
  • We are all going to be pirates for Halloween.
  • Our house is going on the market this Saturday.
  • I have gained at least 5 pounds in the past month.
  • I am extremely happy with certain aspects of my life and depressed about others.
  • I have a near uncontrollable urge to go to the zoo.

That is all.


28 Jun

i’m contemplating lunch. what to have, what can i get for $6? do i go out, sit in my air conditioned car in the park, bring something back? if i get a happy meal do i get the boy or the girl version? it makes all the difference in the toy you get. should i go get a drink of water first? do i go at 1:00 or try to hold out until 1:30? flip flops or chucks? these are the questions i ponder during the day people.

sam took a 4 hour nap on sunday. therefore, so did mommy. this caused sam to wake up for no reason at 2:00 am monday morning. therefore, so did mommy. but, kiddo was able to go back to sleep. mommy was not. through the power of twitter and some connections, next thing i know i get a text from my gym buddy asking if i wanna go to the gym now. like now, like 2:30 am now. so i said yes. made sense at the time. had a good workout. went home to shower and back to bed for an hour or so.

look at these booootyfulll flowers that were waiting on me this morning…

pretty huh? love my accountant, he kind of rawks my socks. lots.

oh, i just noticed the “add a poll” option in my toolbar. now i’m wondering what i can ask y’all to vote on. ohhhh, maybe my agonizing lunch questions or something.

this post is boring me now so here’s a picture of me being silly.

fyi, the title of this post has nothing to do with its content. i was gonna write a serious thing about being in limbo and how that compared to my inability to actually do the limbo, blah blah blah. obviously, i decided not to. but it was gonna be really good if i had.

oh hey, i decided on the kids meal. boy version.

peas ‘n carrots.


17 Jun

I have the worst time coming up with post titles…so I just called this one what I happened to be doing at the moment.

I have discovered that when I’m stressed or tense, I hold my breath. Not to the point of passing out or feeling lightheaded, but just enough to make my chest tighten and feel weird. Its an annoying habit.

Um, I’m pretty sure I’m taking kiddo to my parent’s this weekend but I haven’t heard if that is ok yet…perhaps I should call. I do hate talking on the phone so. Are you reading this mom? Can we come home this weekend or not? Don’t make me dial the phone please. Please?

Here’s a picture.


the flood

7 May

so, nashville, i love you. the last several days have been madness as you all know by now. no damage at our house. but so many others…there are just no words. besides the greater heartbreak of the stories of loss and death and unbelievable survival, how surreal was it to see nashville and it’s landmarks consumed by floodwaters? and it’s not just nashville. we can’t forget the multiple other counties who are hurting, those with less exposure than music city’s, made possible by the country music stars and politics.

i’ve been glued to the news and twitter keeping up with the latest and i have to say, tn is a great place. it really is amazing to see everyone pull together and help each other in the way that we have, and are still. as i tweeted and mention to some friends, its been frustrating to be at work sitting behind my desk doing menial office type stuff when there is so much need for volunteers to clean, donate, help. but i do what i can in the form of donations, money and time, and i know that if everyone does just a little, it will add up to a lot.

and so we survive and help each other.

Hands On Nashville

Second Harvest Food Bank

Red Cross

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