Since You’ve Been Gone

I can breathe for the first time...Just kidding. After about a year's absence I kinda just have to start over here. Here are the major highlights: I started a new job! ūüôā Our dog died. ūüė¶ I restarted and then quit grad school. Again. ūüė¶ I've gained about 20 pounds. ūüė¶ One out of four... Continue Reading →


I purchased the finnspace domain name today. Is that what it's called? I'm just techy enough to be dangerous. Hi again internet. Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Template Changes Equal Procrastination

I have an overwhelming list of things to do. So I think I'll do the completely unnecessary tasks of messing with blog templates, editing photos, and creating websites. If I could get paid for this I'd be golden. Happy Weekend! Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash


I decided to update my long neglected blogroll and it ended up being cut by over half. Many of the old faithful have stopped blogging and their spaces are just hanging out in cyberspace. It makes me sad in a way but I know there are tons of writers out there and when I find... Continue Reading →

iPad test

First post from iPad app, just to see what the interface and new editor look like. So far, so good.  And I should really post more. Test complete. Ciao for now. 


Random...Here's a photo I took of a llama...Or an alpaca...Some sort of camelid anyway. I think he/she is pretty cool...yep, so very random. This blog y'all...I neglect it for long periods of time because I get confused about what to do with it...what I want it to I want to frame things here. And... Continue Reading →


I'm not digging this template but I feel like I want a new start on this blogging thing. I want to write more so it's completely in character for me to procrastinate on actually writing by making my writing space different and pretty. Or at least different. I'm going to have to keep playing with... Continue Reading →

about time for an update

I have obviously been neglecting the blog for various reasons but I was feeling froggy tonight and figured it was overdue an update.¬† So let's do that.... Work: I've been at the new gig for almost two months now. That first month was a doozy y'all. I was seriously questioning my decision and it was... Continue Reading →

A message to my mom

My mother and I don't do phone calls. We email. Because we live in 2013 and actually talking on the phone is icky in this day and time. However, in the past several weeks (dare I say months), we have been slack in even this most convenient and modern means of communicating. So, mom, I... Continue Reading →

Hi blog

I'm still around, just busy with various and sundry. I feel like I am not consistent with anything except being inconsistent. Does that count for anything? I'm guessing not. We just returned from our annual family vacation. This time we shook things up a bit and headed to St. George Island, FL instead of our... Continue Reading →

too much

3:00 AM seems to be my time. My time to what, I don"t know exactly, just "my time". I didn't mean to fall asleep on kiddo's floor (yet again) but here I am. Eating Honey Nut Cheerios from the box and struggling to remember my WordPress password because I don't log in as much as... Continue Reading →

Compartmentalizing a bit

I haven't posted here in a while but I will get back to it soon, really. In the meantime, I've been posting a lot over here. I started a running/fitness/health blog and am using it to discuss all things healthy (or not so healthy). Not to say there won't be some crossover but you get... Continue Reading →

you know what i hate?

when i give up writing a post because i can't think of a title. i hate that. like today, i had a blog post in my brain¬†and i said to myself "i'm going to post about that later". i sit down at the computer and stare at the blank title bar for so long that... Continue Reading →

blogging is weird

As with most things, I go through cycles with this blogging thing. I don't think I'll ever delete this space on the interwebs but I'm over feeling guilty for not appearing here every couple of days or trying to define what category this place fits into. It is whatever I want it to be, everything... Continue Reading →


preds game ghouls at grassmere/halloween sold the house/need a place to live in 5 weeks work stuff burlesque sam friends holidays U2

this was a draft but now its not

(I found this post in my Drafts and am publishing it now, after adding to.) Sometimes I just want to peer over my glasses at people and give them the evil eye for acting¬†inconsiderate, or closed minded, or selfish, or just plain stupid. And sometimes I do just that, under the guise of looking intelligent.... Continue Reading →

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