i hate mornings

Especially this morning.  I got up at least five times last night to pee and stretch my hips.  I'm also having some cramping sensations, not painful but not pleasant either.  So I am exhausted and plan on going back to bed momentarily.  On one of my many bathroom trips I noticed that the cat had... Continue Reading →

pathetic ain’t he?

Been a long day so this is all I got...a picture of Cooper looking pitiful because he can't come through the gate to play with the cat, Cartman. And this is what Carty thinks about me always posting photos of Cooper but none of the real master of the household.  Someday I will dig out the... Continue Reading →

things that make you go hmmmm…

I never knew people had their pets pictures taken with Santa until I witnessed it at PetSmart this weekend.  I couldn't decide if I thought it was cute or just weird.  I'm still not sure.  Sez the girl with her dog's picture on her Christmas card.


I feel all weird and stuff yo.  Like I've been kicked in the gut, emotionally speaking.  I'd usually reason this away as pms but the timing is off for that to be the case this time.  Just feel mentally icky.  Today wasn't the best of days to tell the truth although the later part was... Continue Reading →

raise the roof

Hallelujah, it's Friday!  The Accountant will be helping to roof his grandparent's house this weekend (see I told you he can do ANYTHING!).  I just hope this doesn't end up happening to anyone.... I love LOL Cats.


Why can I not upload pictures from this weekend onto Flickr?  Just wondering.  Until it starts working again, here's a picture of the ball of fur my parents call a cat, Bogey. 


Our house has become an animal soap opera.  I don't know if I can take much more canine/feline drama. Yesterday Billy got home to find Eli, our sweet gray kitty, lying by the window in the bedroom.  He was dead.  It was so bizarre because that morning he had seemed fine and I had scratched... Continue Reading →

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