stalling with cats, dogs & ears

So it’s Friday morning and I have the day off but am super busy. In my mind anyway. I’m physically not super busy because I am completely zoned out in bed with the laptop and a poptart. But trust me, in my brain I’m being productive. Need to get off my bum and pack for Sam and my overnight trip to the parent’s tonight. We will return … Continue reading stalling with cats, dogs & ears


I feel all weird and stuff yo.  Like I’ve been kicked in the gut, emotionally speaking.  I’d usually reason this away as pms but the timing is off for that to be the case this time.  Just feel mentally icky.  Today wasn’t the best of days to tell the truth although the later part was better then the first half.  I took the day off … Continue reading icky-persnickity

it all ends in a pile of poop in the middle of the bed

I love September.  The weather is just right and my favorite season is just around the corner.  Plus, it’s birthday-palooza around here.  My brother’s was Thursday, dad’s is on Halloween, then mom and me in December only a week apart.  Throw in some grandparent’s special days and you’ve got a party, or several.  And of course, vacation is coming up in less than a week … Continue reading it all ends in a pile of poop in the middle of the bed


Our house has become an animal soap opera.  I don’t know if I can take much more canine/feline drama. Yesterday Billy got home to find Eli, our sweet gray kitty, lying by the window in the bedroom.  He was dead.  It was so bizarre because that morning he had seemed fine and I had scratched his lil’ kitty head while simultaneously blow drying my hair.  … Continue reading Eli