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books and movies and a post

20 Dec

Sup internet? I’m finally feeling better and minus a kinda gross cough, am back to normal. And officially on Christmas vacation for a couple of weeks, so that’s a nice feeling. It will be busy, as this time of year always is but I always feel like its a good time to reset myself in a way.

Kiddo’s dance recital was cute but two shows in one day made for a long one. It was The Nutcracker and she did really well; in the first show as a Polichinelle and in the second show as a Candy Cane. I wonder how long she’ll stick with dance. Occasionally she mentions trying gymnastics again but we’ll see. Personally, I’m pulling for some sort of sport like basketball or soccer but won’t push it. I’m not sure that fits her personality anyway.

I finished The Ocean at the End of the Lane and it was fantastic! I have a list of other Gaiman’s to check out on my next trip to the libraryScreen Shot 2014-12-20 at 9.20.25 PM. I’m still slowly making my way through Buddhism: A Concise Introduction and want to finish it before I start The Bottoms by Joe Lansdale. THEN more Gaiman. And Brach. And Strayed. And Coelho. ALL THE BOOKS.

Today was spent wrapping presents, making out with Papa John’s, and being a bit crafty with a couple of handmade gifts I’m attempting. I am a complete dork sometimes. Kiddo and I were going to go see Annie but she passed out so we’ll do that another day. Pretty sure it’s going to be bad but she’s 6, so who cares. Quvenzhan√© Wallis was so great in Beasts of the Southern Wild but my hopes are minimal for her in this little diddy. I am going to treat myself to going to see Wild and Birdman at some point during my time off though.

That’s it for tonight folks.



11 Dec

Sick. I really wish someone would bring me some warm gooey chocolate chip cookies today. I’m home sick with a fever, cough, etc etc and I say screw the chicken noodle soup, cookies are where its at. Anyway, mutter mutter growl. At least I should be over it in plenty of time to enjoy the holidays. Bright spot.

Ugly. The news these days y’all. People are so inScreen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.14.13 PMcredibly evil. Of course, the media skews things like crazy but there is no denying that people are asshats to the extreme. The girl in MS who was burned alive…I can’t even. The parole hearing that recently brought the horrific kidnapping, torture, and murders of a Knoxville couple back into the news. And so many other things that happen every day. Racism, riots, chaos. People are so very angry. ūüė¶ It is so easy to get consumed by it all if you let it. Countering all of this with the positive/good/beautiful things in life is a must.

Kid. Alright, on to happier topics. My kid of course. Heh. She has a Christmas dance recital this weekend which should be fun. I have no idea what her costumes are or what songs she’s dancing to so this will be a nice surprise for momma. Speaking of surprises, I thought we were going to escape it but kiddo mournfully asked The Accountant the other day why the Elf on the Shelf hadn’t visited her house yet. Apparently ALL her friends have elves and even her classroom at school. Grrrrr. I have an unreasonable hatred for that thing but she was SO bummed and we were at risk of having the whole Santa thing come crashing down, so I caved and we have now been invaded by Snowy the Elf. I am not proud of this. But kiddo thinks it fabulous and so here we are. I have put my foot down somewhat and am just moving it around the house. None of this time consuming clever elf scenario crap or posting its antics on social media. Ok ok, the first night I DID make an elf snow angel on the counter in sugar, but that is IT. So there.

Friends. I had a really good friend back in high school and college who I’d lost touch with over the past few years. We went to different high schools but attended the same church and would have sleepovers at each others houses and go on shopping trips, lots of teenage cruising around town, scoping out boys…all of that fun stuff. I moved away and we each got married. We kept in touch until the babies came and then life got busy. I sent her a Christmas card last year which got returned, so this year I made a point to hunt her down. I found her via some internet stalking research and we’ve been emailing this week! Its so great to reconnect! Keep your friends close and make them a priority because they are one of the best things in life and it sucks to lose them. I’m SO happy I found her again! Totally made my week.

Books. I’m reading some really good books lately. I have a list going on Goodreads of ones recommended by friends and some I just want to read for myself. Apparently I am missing out by not reading Neil Gaiman, according to a few friends. I’m not too far into The Ocean at the End of the Lane but so far I am really liking it. Also throwing in some Buddhism, some self help, some health related, and lots more fiction. Reading is good for the soul I say.

Bed. Ok, its back to bed for this sick girl.

LIGHTS!!! And SNEAKY SANTA!!! Oh the drama…

19 Dec

The tree that's as "big as a whole house"!

Daddy & Kiddo approaching the tree

I’ve been wanting to take kiddo to The Opryland Hotel to see the lights this year. She went last year but there’s a big difference between a 2 year old’s enthusiasm over all the Christmas shenanigans and a 3 years old’s. Or so I thought. I was semi-dreading the hassle of parking and mass crowds but we somehow managed to park only a short walk away and were in and out within an hour. That’s some efficient Christmas light viewing people!

Sam was impressed with the lights but was equally as impressed with the patterns on the carpet and the shiny trashcans so her reaction was not quite what I was looking for, but we had a good time and it was virtually stress free. Another holiday win.

I think I mentioned that we’ve been leaving kiddo little gifts from Santa at random times. Tonight we played a bit of a trick on her and she about peed in the bathtub from excitement. Last night Santa came while she was in the bath and left her some trinket under the tree. She said she thought she heard him walking. The Accountant and I decided to step it up a notch and I downloaded a Santa sounds app on my phone. Tonight while hubs was giving kiddo her bath, I placed a Disney necklace under the tree and then tiptoed to just outside the bathroom door where I blasted Santa’s “HO HO HO” a few times. Hubs said kiddo freaked out and her eyes were as wide as saucers and she could not get out of that bathtub fast enough.¬† I played dumb and let her go on and on to me how she’d heard Santa and look what he’d left her! Big time drama I tell you. And Mom and Dad got a kick out of it too.

This Christmas with a kid stuff is fun!

2:50 AM

14 Dec

Up with a frantic kiddo doing the pee pee dance which resulted in a trip to the potty with no results. But hey, she tried. Yes, we are still in pull ups at night (her, not me, yet) and honestly, I’m not worrying about it until she’s 10 or so. Haha.

I know I don’t write here much anymore. Guess I’m too busy living life instead of recording it and that’s ok. Things are good. Life is good. I am blessed and fortunate.

Legs are aching like crazy right now, part of my non-sleeping I’m sure. Although I passed out on top of a puppy pillow pet and a princess dress complete with magic wand from the dollar bin at Target. Comfy really. But back to the leg issue. The running is going great. I’m in training mode for a half marathon in April and am currently just trying to increase mileage and not worry about speed. Which is convenient since I’m pretty slow. But the legs….they ache like growing pains or something. There are a few remedies I can try to see if that helps. I’m old I guess.

Work is good in its weird way. I’m in the midst of planning a pretty big event and being the worrier that I am, its stressing me a bit. But I think I’ve finally found a venue that should work as long as a zillion people don’t show up. But if they do, that would be a success in itself. I need to stop thinking so much and do better at taking charge, making decisions and being more aggressive in a way with this job. That’s a new role for me and is taking some getting used to. My own confidence in my abilities is sometimes fragile.

The holidays are fast approaching and I suppose we are about ready. I did the majority of shopping online this year and I have to say, it was one of my better ideas. Ha. Kiddo is pretty excited about Christmas. The Accountant and I have been leaving her little treats under the tree at random times from Santa. Her excitement is quite entertaining. She’s been doing this sweet thing lately of just as I close her door at bedtime to leave she’ll say “mommy?” I’ll say “yes sweetie?” and she’ll say “I love you mommy”. Good grief it melts me every time.

And now its 3:03 and I’m going to try sleeping.

some of my favs from Xmas 2010

1 Jan

Just so you know, I’m not grumpy mcgrumperson every day. I wanted to clarify that. Moving on to some of my favorite photos from you-know-what. You will notice that there are no pictures of me from Christmas morning. Or any morning for that matter. Two year olds look much cuter when they first get up than their moms do. Unless you’re Giselle or something and then, well, whatever.







grumpy mcgrumperson

29 Dec

I am not a fan of small talk nor am I very good at it. Post holiday small talk tops the list of all categories of dreaded chitty-chatty-for-no-reason banter. Hello person with me in the elevator who I don’t know but who I think works in accounting…”how was your Christmas” they ask me…I say “it was great, how was yours?” And we carry on. This bugs me. The waiter at lunch asks the same thing…I answer in turn. Drives me crazy. A friend sincerely wants to know, ok fine, we’ll discuss.¬† By the way, my Christmas was pretty great, thanks for asking. How was yours? Maybe I’ll post about it soon and then I’ll just direct curious passersby to this site so I don’t have to rehash. Heh.

I’m a bit gloomy doomy today. Not that you could possibly tell that because I hide it so well. The weeks after the holiday build up and then the inevitable descent tend to bring me down in weird ways. I think it’s the anticipation and preparation, then BANG the big event, and then…nothing. Except dreary weather, stashing away holiday decorations and continuing with the normal. I don’t particularly like being the kind of person who always needs something to look forward to,¬†some¬†sort of¬†carrot on a stick to chase. But that’s me. No wait, make that chocolate cake on a stick. Now that I will run for. Screw the carrots.

And I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if a Life Is Good tweet did not just pop up on my twitter feed to tell me to get over it and stop being such a grump…”Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. Now I feel a smidgen of guilt but I refuse to delete! Refuse I say! *shakes fist in air defiantly*

New Year’s Resolutions…I was considering making some and then decided I’d have better luck keeping promises to myself if I don’t make any. Which when I write that out, makes no sense but in my rumblybumbly brain it does. I think I set goals that are too much of a stretch. I need to learn to work within that whole babysteps concept. Oh, speaking of New Years…know what else DRIVES ME TO THE BRINK OF HOMICIDE??? It is a sure thing that come Dec 31st that as I am leaving the office some moron will say…”see you next year!!” and then laugh at their brilliant originality. I need to go ahead and come up with a sarcastic comeback to that one. Suggestions welcome.

I mean really, I don’t know where she gets this from…Its such a mystery…

Sam’s Christmas in pictures

28 Dec

I’m too tired to write a big long recount of our Christmas festivities. But suffice it to say, it was great. Sam didn’t really “get it” but she had fun anyway and that’s what counts. Her favorite gifts were the gumball machine from Santa and the horse from Papa, Grandma and Uncle Ben.

I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready for a fabulous 2010!

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