Sick. I really wish someone would bring me some warm gooey chocolate chip cookies today. I’m home sick with a fever, cough, etc etc and I say screw the chicken noodle soup, cookies are where its at. Anyway, mutter mutter growl. At least I should be over it in plenty of time to enjoy the holidays. Bright spot. Ugly. The news these days y’all. People … Continue reading miscellany

some of my favs from Xmas 2010

Just so you know, I’m not grumpy mcgrumperson every day. I wanted to clarify that. Moving on to some of my favorite photos from you-know-what. You will notice that there are no pictures of me from Christmas morning. Or any morning for that matter. Two year olds look much cuter when they first get up than their moms do. Unless you’re Giselle or something and … Continue reading some of my favs from Xmas 2010

grumpy mcgrumperson

I am not a fan of small talk nor am I very good at it. Post holiday small talk tops the list of all categories of dreaded chitty-chatty-for-no-reason banter. Hello person with me in the elevator who I don’t know but who I think works in accounting…”how was your Christmas” they ask me…I say “it was great, how was yours?” And we carry on. This … Continue reading grumpy mcgrumperson

peace, love, joy & cheddar flavored goldfish

It’s lunchtime on Christmas Eve and I’m stealing eating Sam’s goldfish because we aren’t eating dinner until 3:00ish at the father-in-laws. Today will be family time there and then tomorrow we will have Santa and just chill at home I guess. Then on Saturday it’s on to my parent’s part of the state for the day. And then things go back to semi-normalcy, at least … Continue reading peace, love, joy & cheddar flavored goldfish

okie dokie

My hands are super dry and I forgot my lotion today. Am going to have to go bumming for some. Lovely weekend. Finished shopping. Well, make that started and finished shopping. In about 4 hours. At Target. Go me. I approached it guerrilla warfare style. Ambushed the place and got out as fast as possible. Seemed to work great. Excellent strategy if I do say … Continue reading okie dokie

stuff ‘n things ‘n more stuff

Sam got her seasonal flu booster shot today, and an unexpected H1N1 shot. She’ll have to go back in a month for the H1N1 booster and then hopefully the flu will be so a’skeered of her it won’t dare go near the lil’ punkin. Crossing my fingers. She did ok. Screamed during the shots of course but so do I, heh. She’s finally at the … Continue reading stuff ‘n things ‘n more stuff

babysitters are a gift from God

Today was lovely I must say. That thing I’ve heard about how taking a break away from baby makes you a better mommy when you return is so true. Today the fabulous Grandma T came a’calling. She came bearing adorable Christmas gifts for Sam, as well as the coolest thing for us. It was a book, hardcover, with pictures of Sam in it and captions. A … Continue reading babysitters are a gift from God

o christmas tree

Written last night….This will be short as I’m exhausted but wanted to post a picture of our Christmas tree that we put up this weekend. We haven’t had one in a few years but I was in the spirit for some reason this year so The Accountant put it up for me and put the lights on and I finished it up. Perhaps I’ll post … Continue reading o christmas tree