Since You’ve Been Gone

I can breathe for the first time…Just kidding. After about a year’s absence I kinda just have to start over here. Here are the major highlights: I started a new job! ūüôā Our dog died. ūüė¶ I restarted and then quit grad school. Again. ūüė¶ I’ve gained about 20 pounds. ūüė¶ One out of four is not great, I realize. But the steady stream of … Continue reading Since You’ve Been Gone

aaaaaand here we are

Hi. I’m in one of those “I feel like talking/typing but I have nothing of value to say but am going to post anyway” kind of moods. Which usually ends up to be long rambling paragraphs about baby poop or the dream I had last night. But you don’t mind or else you wouldn’t be here reading. Or maybe you’ve already clicked off and are … Continue reading aaaaaand here we are

here i sit

In an exam room at my doctor’s office that is. They got me into a room without the usual one hour wait so that was nice. Of course, the doc might not get in here for another week or so. Scratch that. He’ll be here soon I’m sure. I’m trying to think more positively lately. Really. Not so brief recap of why I’m here…took Cooper … Continue reading here i sit

stalling with cats, dogs & ears

So it’s Friday morning and¬†I have the day off but am super busy. In my mind anyway. I’m physically not super busy because I am completely zoned out in bed with the laptop and a poptart. But trust me, in my brain I’m being productive. Need to get off my bum and pack for Sam and my overnight trip to the¬†parent’s tonight. We will return … Continue reading stalling with cats, dogs & ears

3 things learned on a Monday

Dressing room lights are severely unforgiving. As in, they should be illegal. Making the workout pants I purchased all the more necessary. The dog will always have to go out to pee as soon as I’ve sat down to feed the baby. The key to world peace….nitrous oxide.¬† Who wouldn’t get along while chilled out on this stuff?¬† Obama, are you listening? I’m just sayin’. … Continue reading 3 things learned on a Monday

remember that near “perfect day”…

…that I wrote about here?¬† It was short-lived.¬† Here’s a very brief description of¬†how the following couple of days went… 1. The Accountant’s grandmother had a stroke and has been in the hospital.¬† She’s much better now and is nearly back to her old self. 2. Cooper either got bit by a snake or had a horrible reaction to his vaccinations.¬† His face swelled up … Continue reading remember that near “perfect day”…

sometimes ya just feel like ramblin’

And that’s what I feel like tonight.¬† So here we go.¬† Just when you think MySpace is¬†a¬†waste of¬†time¬†it turns around and surprises you.¬† Over the past week I’ve reconnected with a couple of people I went to high school with and it’s pretty cool.¬† But bizarre and it¬†makes me feel old because we are all in our 30s now and many of us have children.¬† … Continue reading sometimes ya just feel like ramblin’

wanna play…

…catch up that is?¬† It seems that real life, including not enough sleep, have taken a lot of my time away from¬†the¬†“internets”.¬† Ah well, that’s just how it goes I guess.¬† Basketball:¬† First of all, can we just say wow and congrats to the Belmont Bruins for what was apparently a great game against Duke tonight?¬† I somehow missed the game but tuned in at … Continue reading wanna play…

welcome to my weekend

Ah, Saturday.¬† How do I love thee?¬† Let me count the ways…¬† The Accountant took off for work earlier as he is prone to do on Saturdays this time of year.¬† Gotta love tax season.¬† It’s 9:00am and I’ve just woke up.¬† Or should I say, I’ve just got up.¬† I’ve been awake for¬†a while but just laying in bed.¬† I love that time in … Continue reading welcome to my weekend

immortalized in chocolate (until we ate it)

So this is old news but not any less fabulous.¬† A couple of weeks ago when I went to my parents for my mom and my birthday hoo-rah, Scout came over with this glorious replica of Cooper….in CHOCOLATE!!!¬† Chocolate Lab in Chocolate Cake, get it???¬† Love it!!¬† And the bone was a super nice and tasty touch too!¬†¬†That Scout¬†is fab ain’t she?¬† Doesn’t it look … Continue reading immortalized in chocolate (until we ate it)

so i’m back

Back from what I’m not sure.¬† Here’s a run down of the last few days. The Accountant installed an invisible fence for Coop.¬† We didn’t exactly follow the training plan that came with it but it is working nonetheless.¬† It’s¬†a big relief too because he was getting to where he would just wander off across the street sniffing whatever it is that dogs sniff, or … Continue reading so i’m back

pass on by if you’re tired of reading about my dog

Dogs are gross.¬† Cooper can stink up a room with some of the most horrendous passing of the gas you’ve ever had¬†waft by your nose.¬† Oh my goodness.¬† I think¬†some of the treats we bought don’t agree with him.¬† And the humping of his bed isn’t too pretty either.¬† He’s a disgusting creature and if he wasn’t so cute and charming (when he’s not farting) … Continue reading pass on by if you’re tired of reading about my dog