From the Dentist’s Chair

Sometimes all the time I need a little help to keep me from freaking out at the dentist. The following are snippets from the times I remembered to document it over the years. 11.15.2005 The Dentist is the Devil 02.12.2007 Thoughts Floating in a Nitrous Clouded Mind 09.11.2007 The Only Time I Find Ceiling Tiles... Continue Reading →

brain float

Today = the dentist = nitrous oxide = I AM THE MOST HILARIOUS PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE. For about 40 minutes anyway. Some thoughts while floating... Don't stop breathing, keep breathing, take the deepest breaths you have ever taken in your life, don't waste this precious sh!t. Oh wow, hands and feet are so numb...OMG... Continue Reading →

punched in the face

Lovely isn't it? Surgery today included a tissue graft from the roof of my mouth sewn onto the lower gum line. Hello mouth full of blood and stitches. Sedation didn't happen as my vein was being ornery so I got the gas and lots of numbing shots. KFC mashed potatoes and gravy for snack, ice... Continue Reading →


What are those nuts called that are shaped like kidneys? I like those. And peanuts. Peanuts are my favorite. Almonds I will tolerate but they don't really do it for me. I just ate this and it was good. I had a turkey sandwich, baked Lays and an apple for lunch. Exciting noms no? Stuff... Continue Reading →

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