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weekend report

12 Jan

This weekend has been pretty great. This was the last weekend before hub’s busy time of year officially starts so we spent Friday together being lazy and then making up for said laziness by going to the gym. We’d also lined up a babysitter for Friday night. Kiddo loves this particular sitter but sadly, she will graduate in May and is moving away. Hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to book her a few more tiIMG_20140110_121554mes before she leaves for good. Anyway, hubs and I went to our favorite restaurant and sat there for a very long time talking and laughing. Very nice.

You know, there is a reason I loathe getting blood drawn. If you have bad rolling veins, like I do, and you happen to get an unskilled technician or a phlebotomist having a bad day, you end up being a pincushion and nearly passing out in the lab. Routine blood work on Friday resulted in just that very thing. Fun times. I’m now sporting some killer bruises from my tormentor. Dude had to give up and get someone else to draw it, and she did with just one stick. I almost kissed her right there in the lab, after I punched the other guy. But I couldn’t because I was slugging apple juice and had my feet elevated on a rolling stool. At least my bandages were colorful. I know I’m fortunate that I don’t have an illness or condition that requires being repeatedly poked with needles very often.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing with kiddo and getting in a walk/jog, a nice bike ride, and some more gym time. You would think, as active as I am that I’d be skinny but I always seem to counteract my exercise with bad food. Sigh. Today’s bike ride was awesome though. The weatIMG_20140112_130605her was fantastic for January, sunny and in the 50s. I honestly didn’t think I’d get the bike back out again until spring but I couldn’t pass it up today. I could tell I hadn’t been out in a while but I still got in almost 12 miles. Came home and made some vegetarian chili (which IMO would have been 100x better with some beef in it, but marriage is all about compromise I guess) and settled in for the night.

Overall, a stellar weekend. My to-do list is lengthy this week so off to bed I go.

Bonne nuit!

mah friday

16 Nov

Today’s doctor visit was very, anticlimactic, to say the least. I got a lot of “hmmm”s and “I see”s. And then he gave me some random sample meds to try, said “good luck with that” and sent me on my way. Thank you Dr. Decisive.

I got a nice nap in today and then took kiddo to get her flu mist. That was a stressful adventure there and back as I battled horrendous traffic caused by a fatality wreck on the interstate. 😦 Very sad. Managed to get her back to dance class, albeit late and one of her dance shoes was missing. She’s already lost one set of leotards and pants. Kids these days…can’t keep up with anything.

Sweet cuddles tonight while watching Pocahontas II, in which the Indian princess totally ditches John Smith for John Rolfe because girls are fickle. Tomorrow we have a playdate with her bestie at some place filled with trampolines. Here’s to no broken bones. There also needs to be some shopping for winter clothes for kiddo and maybe a library trip.

File this under most boring post ever. But sometimes, boring is good. 🙂

food is not my friend

13 Nov

Hungry Finn

So this eating thing is not going so well. Since Friday night (that’s approximately 4 and a half days ago) I have had one can of Chicken Noodle Soup, a handful of pretzels and saltines, part of a frozen Smart Ones, and a portion of a Zaxby’s combo meal. That is it. I am living off of water and Sprite and fat reserves, of which I have plenty. My eyes look at food and my tummy starts chanting “hell no, food won’t go” and gives me a not so friendly stab in the gut. And yes, I am HUNGRY! At this rate I will be 20 lbs lighter by Christmas.

I’m also dying to get outside and go for a walk or ride the bike but I have no energy because apparently you need food for that and my body is rejecting all such crazy notions. The Accountant is on me to go to the doctor and I keep saying I will if it’s not better tomorrow. Then I say the same thing the next day.

Hubs thought he had caught it but it turned out to be a very light case, so far at least. But hey, he traded that in for a nasty sinus infection so he wouldn’t be left out of The Great Plague of 2013. Yay equality. Kiddo, the initial carrier and spreader of germs, remains steady at this point.

Anywho. Y’all hang tight, I’m about to try a banana…

bodies break

11 Jul

So far so good on the 1/2 training. Mostly. I was pumped to run outside last night but by the time I was free to do so, it was pouring rain and lightning. I will run in the rain no problem, but lightning is another bear. So to the gym I went and got in 3.8 miles on the treadmill, 5 min running/1 min walking for 48 minutes plus warm up and cool down. The catch? My stupid bum foot starting acting all…stupid. Sore, twingy, stupid. It’s not like I’m overdoing it at all so its frustrating. I’m going to do my cross-training today, as scheduled (probably cycling and upper body weights/core), and then swap out Sunday’s rest day for Friday…then see how Stupid Foot feels on Saturday. Its been well over a year since the stress fracture but the foot has never been the same. For now, I’m not going to flip my lid. I am gonna go with the theory that its weather related pain…like bursitis or something. Sigh. Must be smart about listening to the body but when the body rebels…grrrr.

In other news, I just spent all morning at the doctor and then the pharmacy with kiddo. She’s had a cold for a couple of days but this morning she woke up at 4:30 with ear pain. She was pitiful and cuddly and hurting. Not horribly but kept complaining about it and I could tell she wasn’t feeling well. I got her in to see the doctor as early as possible and she has an ear infection. Her first one in her entire almost 5 year old life. I do feel very fortunate about that because I know kids who struggle with chronic ear infection and have to get tubes, etc. I gave her some food and her first dose of meds and sent her on her way to school with instructions for teachers to call me if she starts feeling worse.

Anywho. These complaints are minor, I realize. Healthy vibes all around.


check your ambition at the door

21 Feb

So, I’m like the poster child for testing new antidepressants. Bah. I went to the doctor today about some issues with my current ones so we are switching again. Bah. It’s not as bad as it sounds I guess. This is only my 4th kind over many years. That’s not too awful right? Bah.

Do you read those informational papers that come with all medications? You know the ones that list all the possible side effects. Its kind of like trying to diagnose yourself using the internet. Have a scratch on your knee that won’t stop itching? Get thee to a physician STAT for amputation at the hip. Rash on your chest? Your boobs will drop straight off within days. Right eye twitching? Prepare for impending blindness. It will scare the everlovin’ daylights out of you. But today, for some reason I happened to look.

And just in case you get too big for your britches…

GrandNoted. Placing the world domination plans back into the drawer.

Today….did NOT suck!

6 Apr

Ok, honestly today kind of did, but yesterday was good.

The  Accountant’s birthday was yesterday but we were too tired to celebrate much. Poor guy. Tax season is killing him and I’ve been immersed in federal grant land for weeks. But we have a sitter lined up for tomorrow night so we’ll do something in honor of his big day. Although, truth be told, I think we’d really prefer a nice long uninterrupted nap. Being an adult bites sometimes.

BIG NEWS PEOPLE…2 things actually…first and most importantly, I’m going to be an Auntie! My little brother and his wife are expecting their first! Kiddo will have a first cousin! I will have a niece or nephew and I will be the COOLEST, HIPPEST Auntie Finn EVER!

Secondly, I went to the foot doc again and…drum roll please…I am cleared to start some light jogging! I had prepared myself to be ready for him to tell me that I could start walking for exercise, so to hear the word “jogging” at all was unexpected and I thought I was going to cry for real. He even wrote me out a little exercise plan. I can’t run a marathon or anything but if all goes well, I should be 5k-ing it again in a few months. Except, get this…I’m scared to run/jog now. I’m so afraid I’ll re-injure it. I am never happy. But the plan is to go for short walks for the first week or two to get my road legs back and then I’ll bravely reenter the world of running. Me so happy! Oh wait, I just said I was never happy…How about “Me so bipolar”! (I’m not bipolar, that I know of btw, not that there’s anything wrong with that of course but just to clarify…ok, carry on.)

So as you can see, things are looking up and I am cautiously optimistic. I’m always tentative though (which is a shame) because I know that with one trigger I can crash again and be back in Depression-ville. One thing that bugs me is that I let external things control my brain when I should focus more on my internal self and the blessings that I have. All fodder for a future therapists I suppose. Speaking of that, I went and had an assessment/pre-therapy meeting last week and got referrals for a few to try out. I’ll take that step next week. And if you were wondering, the assessments I took said I was “extremely depressed and moderately anxious”, both of which need immediate treatment. Ha! Like we all didn’t know that. Shocker.

I’m  out.

sad panda goes to the doctor

21 Mar

Verdict: gained 10 pounds in a matter of weeks, change in meds, follow-up visit in a month, encouraged to seek therapy.

Hello mid-life crisis. The next one that comes around I’m just going to buy a red sports car and be done with it.

It sucks to know that the real you is so broken and messed up that it takes outside assistance to right it.

After my appointment was over, I, ever a fan of self-inflicted punishment and misery, went to the park where I used to run and sat in my car pounding powdered doughnuts (what ten pounds?) and concentrated really hard on not mowing down all the runners with my vehicle. Kidding. Really. Mostly. A little. Tiny bit.

I told someone the other day that I’m surprised that I have any friends left, as bitchy as I’ve been acting. To be honest though, withdrawing into myself is kind of nice sometimes. I don’t particularly want to be surrounded by people right now. Being alone is ok. Sleep is my best friend. Healthy? Maybe not. But for now its good. Almost a relief. As are sentence fragments.

Anyway, I’m not sure how much more I’ll post about this. Maybe a lot, maybe a little, maybe none.

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