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Halloween report

2 Nov

1459147_10152821500548454_7297970401752063641_n (2)We had an epic Halloween this year. This is becoming my very favorite holiday. We had some family come over to see kiddo in her costume and partake of chips and dips of all sorts. Alas, this was not to be another year of cutsie princess or candy corn witch costumes for kiddo. She decided to be a “zombie witch” so I slapped some makeup on her and she was happily scarified.

We managed to get kiddo and her cousin to wait until dark before letting them loose in the neighborhood to do that thing they do. It was rather windy and chilly and the girls didn’t last very long. Their freezing moms got a welcome reprieve thanks to the neighbors around the corner who can always be depended on each Halloween to have a fire pit and warm apple cider ready, spiked with Captain Morgan if you so chose.

Our little group didn’t even get close to covering the entire neighborhood but the kids had fun and you only need minimal amounts of candy to obtain Sugar Coma status anyway. Capture

I LOVE dressing up and decided to channel my inner Rosie the Riveter this year. Also known as a good reason to wear lot of makeup and a retro hairdo. Not that I need an excuse for that.

And now we shift our focus to Thanksgiving. I have a crafty urge to make a wreath I found on Pinterest. I’m going to pretend that doesn’t sound too lame. 🙂

10603781_10152821500613454_7375640868183978632_n (2)

yeah, its been a minute…

11 Nov

…but people keep dying and getting sick on me. Since my last post two more grandmothers have passed, this time on The Accountant’s side, and also within a few days of each other. Its been sad and exhausting. Four deaths within less than three months…too much. Kiddo has been sick with a stomach virus, then I got it and still have it, and now I think hubs has it but that remains to be confirmed. I have missed so much work I’m surprised I still have a job to go to. I felt like crap today but managed to drag myself in anyway and have felt better as the day has worn on. On the bright side, I’ve lost 5 pounds.

CandyCornKiddoIt hasn’t all been bad of course. Halloween fell in between sickness and it was a good one. And my kiddo…come on….the cuteness…she had a great time trick or treating in the neighborhood and giving mom all her candy because, junk food. Her father has brainwashed her with healthy talk.

Kiddo continues to do well in school. We made it past her first report card and parent teacher conference with flying colors and she still loves going every day. We are ramping up for a holiday season full of dance recitals, Thanksgiving school lunches and fall festivals so its going to get busy quick!

I’m anxious to get back on the bike and into the gym as that’s fallen apart due to life’s madness. All our big toys are currently residing in the unused breakfast areScreen Shot 2013-11-11 at 2.10.33 PMa because that makes sense right? That reminds me that I need to take the two bikes in for check ups. Random brain. I’m still holding steady weight wise but I’d like to just FEEL better and I know getting back to being active is key for me.

I’ve got a notion to try indoor rock climbing here soon so we’ll see. There are two great local facilities just waiting for me and my weak arms to embarrass themselves.

And birthdays!! Brother, sister-in-law, dad, niece all had big ones over the past couple of months. Mine is next. Ack. Then mom and grandpa’s. And my sweet friend Nora. Plus my parents’ anniversary. Party party party! Or maybe just, getting older. Woo.

And now that I have successfully held down a can of soup, I’m calling it a good day. Till next time. Ciao.

Halloween 2011

1 Nov


Sam’s homemade spider costume turned out great and was a huge hit at our two trick-or-treating outings. She loved it and didn’t balk at wearing it at all. I was a bit worried that she wouldn’t wear the hat but she loved everything about it. I was kinda proud of myself for being so crafty.

The Accountant and I took her to a trick-or-treating event at a local outdoor shopping mall thingy a couple of days before Halloween and then I took her walking around the neighborhood on Halloween evening. This was our first Halloween in the new ‘hood and it was fabulous. She really got into saying “trick or treat” and “thank you”, and of course, the mass amounts of sugary goodness. I loved not having to get in the car to go candy-gathering! We just walked around to houses until she got tired and then we walked home. Easy peasy.

Pics of course! Click each to embiggen.

Halloween win.

Tis Thursday

27 Oct

I think I just cracked my jaw trying to bite into a Granny Smith apple. Ouch.

Tomorrow I will attempt to make a spider costume by hand. This will go either very well or quite badly. Good thing we have a leftover pirate outfit and a fairy princess dress in the closet for potential backup costumes.

Yum, this apple is making me want some green apple Jolly Ranchers. Is that not the best hard candy ever? My jawbone appears to be intact by the way. Ignore the loud popping noises.

It’s rainy and chilly today. But the leaves are turning beautifully and I can wear cozy sweaters, cute hats and bulky boots. And scarves! I love scarves! Random happening of the day: I drove to the roof of my parking garage hoping to snap a good picture of the trees but I couldn’t get the shot I wanted and I ended up getting lost turned around in the garage. So that was fun.

Last night I did Day 1 of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I hate that lady. I mean, she’s awesome in a brutal I am going to kill you before you even know what is happening kind of way. I cannot seem to do a push up properly. Even from the knees. Will go for it again tonight. It’s invigorating to say the least. Tomorrow will be a running day. You’d think with all this exercising I do that I would be skinny. But its the food that gets me. The sweets and the salty and the carbs. And with the holidays coming up, what hope do we dieters have? Ah well. Just gotta keep moving along I guess.

Kiddo’s latest thing is sitting on the potty, putting a stream of toilet paper on her head and saying “I am the bad princess”. She has also been telling whoever is around to listen that she has “great eyesight” and then naming off the things she can see at the moment. Kids are weird. The Accountant gave her a miniature remote control helicopter yesterday. Its a very simple one and after a few bumps to the ceiling and floor, kiddo kind of started getting the hang of it. Soon they’ll be flying buddies I think.

Dad’s birthday is coming up, on Halloween actually. I have the best present in mind for him but I have to make it. I don’t know why I’m feeling all crafty all of a sudden. Lucky for me, I will have an extra week or two before I deliver this gift o’ fabulousity so I will have time to start finish it.

So sleepy. Make me go to bed before 10 tonight please. Ciao.

zombie brain

26 Oct

My “grey matter” as a former English teacher used to refer to our adolescent brains, has been completely mush the last couple of days. Maybe its too much Dora and not enough veggies or something, I dunno. I do the whole zoning out thing quite well but some days its way worse than others. I need a challenge of some sort. Some new stimulation or scenery. I did change the template here…you know I do that when I get restless.

Speaking of zombies and brains, a friend is doing the Zombie Buffet 5K this weekend and I’m kinda jealous. The timing just isn’t good for me but I would’ve made a killa Black Swan Zombie doncha think? Oh wait, I don’t think I’ve talked about that whole running a 5K in a tutu thing on here have I? My bad. Long story short…a friend and I dressed as White Swan and Black Swan and ran a race. It was wicked fun. The end. Here is proof…I cropped White Swan out because well, not everyone wants these types of things documented on the internet.

  And no, I am not pregnant, I was just wearing a “billowy” shirt.

Now, what was I talking about again? Oh yes, being restless. This must be why I run around town in tutus on occasion. To feed the restless beast (or bird in this case).

While I’m on the subject of costumes (sort of), kiddo keeps saying she wants to be a spider for Halloween. The original plan was to recycle last year’s pirate costume but a couple of options have come to my attention to change things up. The lovely Danielle suggested drawing a spider on her face and she could be a Pirate Spider. Brilliant! Also, I’ve found a no-sew (’cause we all know that ain’t happening) homemade spider costume that doesn’t look too difficult or expensive so we could do that as well. Hmmmm. What will probably happen is kid will want to be a spider up until the costume is ready and then randomly say that she wants to be a unicorn or something. In which case mommy will say no candy for you.

I’m reading an excellent book right now for bookclub. Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. It has nothing to do with zombies, spiders or swans but is great nonetheless.

Oh, back to the 5K thing. Kiddo and I will be tearing up the pavement in this one in a few weeks. I am definitely not going to break any PRs in this race since I’ll be pushing a 30 lb kid in a humongous stroller, but it should be fun. And hopefully she’ll think its cool to race with the old lady.

Till next time.

A day at the pumpkin patch

9 Oct

I’m thinking a trip to the local pumpkin patch will become an October tradition.

We took kiddo to one last year and she had a great time. This year we found another one a few miles from our current home and decided to check it out on Saturday.

She loved the animals and picking out her pumpkin. Its a cute place, well organized and lots of different things for kids to see and do.

Sheep shearing demonstrations for instance. I thought this might freak her out a bit since the guy had to wrestle the sheep to get him to cooperate but kiddo took it in stride and casually watched as the sheep became “bald like daddy” before her very eyes.

You can’t fail with a farm animal petting zoo. I’m not sure what’s up with this facial expression but these little piglets sure were cute. The calves were a hit as well as evidenced by kiddo’s repeated “moo”ing at them.

The massive pumpkin below was the prize winner at the State Fair this year. A monstrosity I’d say. I’m not sure what the allure is with these face cut out things but its really more fun for the parents than the kids. And of course, the grand finale, the actual choosing of the pumpkin. Which will probably sit on the counter until we notice a weird smell and throw it out. But who knows, maybe someone will get adventurous and carve it.


Sam and Elmo’s Head

4 Nov


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